Donkey And The Wolf story

Donkey And The Wolf

Here’s a Donkey And The Wolf Story where the wolf with his foolishness missed his meal and donkey with presence of mind saved his life.

Once there was a donkey who was grazing in the hills.

He didn’t notice that a wolf came quietly and hide in the bushes.

When the donkey took a break from eating and stood his head up, he saw a wolf behind the bushes.

The wolf was ready to catch the donkey.

The donkey has to think fast so as to save himself.

The donkey immediately started shouting as if he was in immense pain.

Hearing the voice of the donkey wolf came out and asked the donkey what happened?

The donkey replied, “A piece of thorn pierced in my foot, will you help me take it out?”

Wolf replied, “Why will I take it out”

Donkey said, “well, I am requesting for your benefit only. If you eat me like this then the thorn will get stuck into your throat and you will die of pain. So first take out the thorn from my foot then you can eat me”

The wolf thought for a while and thinking of his throat.

Then he decided to first take out the thorn from his foot and then eat him.

As he got closer the donkey kicked him so hard that he fell on the ground and the donkey ran and saved himself.

The wolf didn’t understand what happened to him but when he realized that some of his teeth were gone.

The wolf cursed himself for his foolish behavior.


Always use your presence of mind. The presence of mind will save life when you are in danger.


We see in life how people use the presence of mind and come out of harsh situations but some can’t do so because of lack of presence of mind.

So, think first without listening to anyone and act according to it.

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