The Clever Monkey Story

The Clever Monkey Story

Here’s The Clever Monkey Story where the monkey with his clever mind ride on the lion’s back and said lazy lion its no time to rest.

Once there was a lion that lived in a jungle.

He doesn’t belong to that jungle he came from far away to live in this jungle.

Every animal was sad because the lion tries to put a knot in the elephant’s trunk, and put fruits on the rhino’s horn.

The lion even played with the dots of the zebra to connect all the dots and make a funny picture.

One day all the animals met to solve the issue of the lion as he irritates all the animals in the jungle.

A monkey was sitting and listening to the animals.

The monkey said, “You know that the lion works for me and I am not afraid of him.”

All animals started laughing.

Then the lion appeared from the bushes with a loud roar.

The lion asked the animals why are you all laughing?

One of the animals replied a monkey was sitting on the branches and saying that you work for him.

The lion got angry and asked about the money.

The animal pointed to the branch but the monkey was not there.

The lion started searching for the monkey and found the monkey near a lake.

Lion asked the monkey about the sayings.

The monkey replied no I have said that I fear you and wanted to work for you.

Then the lion told him to come with him to prove what he told to the animals.

The money on his way started crying.

The lion asked what happened?

The monkey replied I have not seen the stone and I stepped on it now I am not able to work so can I ride on your back.

The lion says ok no problem.

Then they continued but again the monkey started shouting.

The lion asked what happened then the money said I need a rope so that I can sit still.

The lion went and bring wine and tied it around his neck so that the monkey can’t fall.

When they came to the animals they saw the monkey was riding on the lion and his neck was also tied.

The money said loudly, “Come out you lazy lion, it’s no time to rest.”

After saying this he jumped to the branch of a tree and ran away.


With the help of the mind, one can ride on a lion’s back.


We see in life how people get afraid of circumstances but some are there who ride onto the back of it and win it.

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