Never Tell A Lie red nail paint

Never Tell A Lie

Here’s a Never Tell A Lie Inspiring Story where the boy told a lie to his mother and she decided to teach him a lesson. let’s read the story.

Once there was a boy named tofu.

His mother took out her favorite nail paint and put it on the table.

The nail paint was red.

Then she went to take shower.

In the meanwhile, tofu came to his mother’s room and saw a beautiful nail paint on the table.

After looking at the nail paint he had an idea.

He took the nail paint and went to the drawing room.

He thought of making an apple and showing it to his friends and teachers.

His mother took the shower and when she goes to pick up the nail paint she saw that there was no nail paint.

She searched everywhere but she couldn’t find it.

Then she called tofu to ask him as if he saw the nail paint.

Tofu appeared in front of his mother with marks of red color on his shirt and hands.

Mother asked tofu that did he see red nail paint.

Tofu said no mother I have not seen such a thing and I was busy drawing an apple.

Mother told tofu to go and continue his work. tofu went to the bathroom to clean his hand and looked for another shirt.

Mother entered the drawing room and saw the nail paint on the table.

Then she thought that tofu told lie to her so she decided to teach him a lesson.

She took the drawing and went away. tofu came to the room and searched his drawing everywhere.

Then he realized that he should give the nail paint to his mother and tell her the truth.

He went to her and told her the truth.

After listening to him she gave him his drawing.

Mother told him that you were upset because you couldn’t find your drawing same I was also heartbroken when my favorite nail paint was missing.


Never lie to anyone.


We see in life how people lie to people for a little joy.

But they don’t understand that one day they might fall into a big problem.

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