Saleem And The Beggar catching fishes

Saleem And The Beggar

Once there was Saleem who was a fisherman.

Every morning he goes to the river to catch fish.

He sells those fishes in the evening to earn his living.

One day he was coming back to his home a beggar came to Saleem and asked him for some money so that he could buy food from it.

Saleem had a big heart and could not see anyone in trouble.

So, he took out some money from his pocket and give out to him.

Next day when Saleem was returning home from the market again the beggar came and asked Saleem for money.

He offered him some money to eat. this goes on for a few days.

Every evening Saleem used to give him some money for food.

One day when the beggar came and asked him for money Saleem gave the money and the beggar went away.

But Saleem stopped there for a while and thought every day I give him money for food but his condition has not gone better.

So he goes to the beggar and promised to offer him a reward.

Saleem told him to come to the river bank the next morning.

The beggar happily went away.

The next day when Saleem reached the river bank he saw the beggar was waiting for him.

Saleem told him if he want a reward then he has to give him something from the river.

The beggar was confused and confused and asked Saleem what do you want from the river?

Saleem told him that if you will catch him some fish then he will reward him as promised.

The beggar took the net from Saleem and threw it into the river.

Saleem told him to take out the net as the way was wrong.

Then Saleem taught him the right way and the beggar threw the net again and again.

At last, he was able to put the net in the river.

After some time the beggar got hungry and asked Saleem for food.

Saleem said the beggar have some patience.

The beggar sat for hours and when Saleem told him to take the net out, the beggar took the net out and saw many fishes were trapped.

Now the beggar wants his reward from the beggar.

Salim said you have got the reward.

And told the beggar the fish are your reward now you can sell them in the market and earn your living.

The beggar understood what Saleem wants him to learn.


Earn your living so that you must live a beautiful life.


We see in life how people beg but won’t do hard work.

The one who earns his living no matter what the work is they succeed in the future.

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