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The Greedy Farmer Story standing after harvesting the field
Life Story

The Greedy Farmer Story

Here’s The Greedy Farmer Story where the farmer was jealous of his neighbor’s. Let’s see what happens. Once there was a farmer who lived in a small village. He didn’t have much money and was jealous of his neighbors who were richer. He even thought how unfair it was that they had more money than […]

How To Become a Good Human Being a polite disciple leaves the village

How To Become a Good Human Being

Here’s How To Become a Good Human Being Inspiring story where the disciple realizes that being a good human being is important. Once there Buddha lived with his disciples. When the disciple achieved enlightenment then he used to tell that disciple to go that way, live there, and spread knowledge. But there was a disciple […]

Why Are Humans So Selfish inspiring story from a mango tree

Why Are Humans So Selfish

Here’s Why Are Humans So Selfish an inspiring story to understand humans are so selfish that a giving tree is not enough for a human being’s entire life. Once there was a mango tree in the forest near a small village. A small boy named Ramu used to spend his time playing with the mango […]

Snake And Farmer Story

Snake And Farmer Story

Here’s a Snake And Farmer Story where the snake who gives every single day a gold coin in blessing but the boy thought of greed. Once there was a man named Vishnu Pratap who was a farmer who lived in a small village. He has a family for which he worked hard on the farm […]

Power of Nature as the bee is going to sit on the real flower

Power of Nature

Here’s a Power of Nature story where the human eye failed to differentiate between the real & fake flower but bee sat on the real flower. Once there was a saint who lived in a kingdom. The saint counted among the wise people of his time. Even the king used to take suggestions from the […]

How to Become Successful in Life and boy standing in front of a huge tree

How to Become Successful in Life

Here’s How to Become Successful in Life story where the plant grew into a small tree when kept inside but it grew huge when kept outside. Once there was a boy came to meet his grandpa in the village during his summer holidays. The boy used to play with his grandpa every day. One day […]

Struggle in Life story of a farmer walking between wheat crop

Struggle in Life

Here’s a Struggle in Life Story of a farmer where he didn’t let his crops struggle to which the result is a hollow crop. Once there was a farmer who lived in a village. He was a hard-working man. The farmer used to grow crops very hard but his crops often got spoiled due to […]

Story of A Dog walking on the river

Story of A Dog

Here’s Story of A Dog walking on a river and when the hunter’s friend saw him walking he was busy finding disadvantage on him. Once there was a hunter who lived in a city. He used to hunt birds for a living. After hunting he used to sell them in the market and earn his […]

rocks on the river bank, Keep Patience
Zen Story

Keep Patience

Here’s a Keep Patience moral story where the washerman was talking patiently with the monk but the monk was very rude with the washerman. Once there was a washerman who lived in a village. He used to wash the clothes on the bank of a river. There was only a plain rock at which all […]

How Can I Be Happy let's learn from the wise tree

How Can I Be Happy

Here’s a How Can I Be Happy Inspiring story where the little squirrel has lost his way and was depressed. how his heart got enlightened? Once there was a tree standing in between the forest. Its branches reached heaven and its leaves whispers melodies to those who rests under his shade. The forest creature from […]