Father and Son Stories

Potato Egg and Coffee Bean boiling Story
Father and Son Stories

Potato Egg and Coffee Bean Story

Here’s a Potato Egg and Coffee Bean Story where the father understand his sons problems who was crying and teaches him a life lesson. Once there was a boy named Mahesh. He lived with his parents in a beautiful home. One day his father finds him crying and asked him if everything is right. Mahesh […]

Brother Sister Bond war declared in a state
Father and Son Stories

Brother Sister Bond

Here’s a Brother Sister Bond Short Inspiring Story where the sister who lost her brother learned the very important lesson of her life. Once there was a war declared in the state. Half of the country was destroyed in the war. The soldiers enter the land and arrest all the civilians. Within the people of […]

Holding Hands Story of a father and son
Father and Son Stories

Holding Hands Story

Here’s a Holding Hands Story where the old man wants his son hand but who was the man who holds the hand of the old man whole night let’s see. Once there was an old man who got admitted to the hospital. The nurse took the servicemen to the bedside. The nurse said, “Your son […]

Farmer And His Son Story of a coffin
Father and Son Stories

Farmer And His Son Story

Here’s a Farmer And His Son Story where his son put the farmer inside the coffin and went to hill. Then what the farmer said let’s see. Once there was a farmer who worked very hard to earn a living. When his son grew then he started working less. The day came when his age […]

The Hidden Treasure Story in farmland
Father and Son Stories

The Hidden Treasure Story

Here’s The Hidden Treasure Story of an old man who tricked his sons who were lazy to a hard working men who were earning by themselves. Once there was a farmer who lived in a village. He has four sons but none of them work or help his father out on his farm. The old […]

Overcoming Fear Story of a boy
Father and Son Stories

Overcoming Fear Story

Here’s a Overcoming Fear Story where the boy feared the man but when he opened the letter given by his father his fear vanished. Once there lived a boy with his parents. His grandparents lived in the village. Whenever his holidays arrived he went with his parents to meet his grandparents. They would stay there […]

Story on Time is Precious father story
Father and Son Stories

Story on Time is Precious

Here’s a Story on Time is Precious where a Father work hard for his family and didn’t give time to his family. let’s see what happens next. Once there was a father who has his wife and his three sons. He hardly earn his living by selling pieces of bread. He worked hard all day […]