Let’s talk about friendship Story. I’m not talking about childhood friends, classmates or the casual friends you have at your workplace. I am talking about friends that become your family. Help build your dreams, and pick you back up again and again wherever you end up in life. Today, I am incredibly blessed with beautiful friendships, even though I am not the most sociable person since my days as a kid (due to my shyness and constant “on-the-move” childhood). Real friends do not just bring fun or muse to your life. Real friends can also bring love, romance (the platonic kind of romance), passion and a deep sense of fulfillment as you grow older together. I don’t believe in a life without friendships, as much as I don’t believe in a life without love. So after reading the friendship story you will get an idea how important friends are.

Two friends making their friendship forever

Friends Forever

Here’s a Friends Forever short story where two friends who started arguing turns into an angry fight but when the problem washes away the friendship remains the same. Once two friends lived in a city. They decided to go to the beach. They enjoyed on the beach and one of them decided to make a […]

Two Best Friends Story of water pot

Two Best Friends Story

Here’s a Two Best Friends Story where the two friends start earning money but one of them thought for his future and see what happens. Once two friends lived in a village. Both of them spend most of the time sitting under a tree. One day one of them saw that the woman of the […]

Sparrow death story

Sparrow Story

Here’s a Sparrow Story where the sparrow was right of not stealing the curd but the crow didn’t listen and due to his act the sparrow died. Once there were two best friends sparrow and a crow. They lived on a banyan tree for years. One day they were very hungry and decided to go […]

Four Friends Story of a hunter

Four Friends Story

Here’s a Four Friends Story where the turtle who got trapped but his friends were there to help and at the end got saved from the hunter. Once there were three friends crow, a deer, and a mouse who lived in a jungle. They were very good friends. One day a turtle came to them […]

Friendship Moral Story about a key

Friendship Moral Story

Here’s a Friendship Moral Story where the rich man’s friend test his friendship on his friend and what he found out? Once there was a rich man who lived in town. He had a very prosperous business. Once he met a man who visit his store daily and soon they became friends. Their friendship grew […]

Two Brothers Story who divided all things due to their fight

Two Brothers Story

Here’s a Two Brothers Story where we see how an elder brother becomes smart and at the end he has to pay for his smartness. let’s see Once there were two brothers who lived happily together in a village. One day they both had a fight and decided to divide things in half. The elder […]

inspiring story about love three old man

Inspiring Story about Love

Here’s a Inspiring Story about Love which will let us know real value of love with this story. how success and wealth follow love let’s see. Once there were three old friends sitting outside a house. The woman of the house when came out she sees three old men were sitting outside her house. After […]

four friendship moral stories

Four Friends Moral Story

Here’s a Four Friends Moral Story in which three friends make a lion back to his life with their mantras and what happens next let’s see. Once there were four friends. Their friendship was so good that they grew together. Four friends were very learned boys and have a good knowledge and they have the […]

story of two friends and sword inspiration

Two Friends and Sword Story

Here’s a two friends and sword story which will make us understand if we share sorrow then sharing happiness is also important. So let’s start the story. In a village, there were two friends name raj and Rahim. They decided to go to the neighbor’s village in search of work. When they were passing by […]

story of two friends

Story of Two Friends

This is the story of two friends who became friends for a few days in the same room in the hospital. One of them was a paralyzed patient which was under the neck. The man then urged his nurse to inject him with a death injection. He does not want to live a life like […]