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God Helps Those Who Help Others so ticket collector checking tickets

God Helps Those Who Help Others

Once there was a girl who was traveling on a train. The train contains many other passengers so all the seats were full. The train stopped and an old man entered the train. It started and he was searching for an empty seat. When he came near the girl searching for the seat the old […]

Believe In God where a rich man stuck in the island
Life Story

Believe In God

Here’s a Believe In God inspiring story where rich man who believed in God and he gets the blessing as he was saved from the island. Once there was a rich man who lived in a city. He was a believer of God and always thank God for giving him such a beautiful and prosperous […]

Story of Pride, sculptors making sculptures

Story of Pride

Here’s a Story of Pride where the sculptor who hid between his idols and thought that the god of death will be able to find him. Once there was a man who lived in a village. He was a sculptor who made beautiful sculptures. Everyone who looked at his sculptures seemed to come to life. […]

How to Know Yourself from the peacock story

How to Know Yourself

Here’s a How to Know Yourself Inspiring story where the crow who thought to be most beautiful spend his entire life in the cage. Once there was a crow that lived in a forest. He used to live happily. One day when he was flying in the sky he saw a beautiful bird. He went […]

Plants in Pot says be honest with yourself
King Stories

Be Honest with Yourself

Once there was a king who has all the happiness except the child’s happiness. So he decided to adopt a child from his kingdom and make him the future king. Then the king announced in the kingdom to bring all the children of the kingdom so that I can choose the future king. All the […]

Secret of Success old wise man walking in the park
Life Story

Secret of Success

Here’s a Secret of Success Inspiring Story where the man named Jack come to know the secret of success is to focus on progress not perfection. Once there’s a man named Jack. Jack was an average guy but not too talented. He was worried about his future. He had big dreams he wanted to be […]

beggar pays patience which is the key to success
King Stories

Patience is The Key To Success

Here’s a Patience is The Key To Success Inspiring Story where one of the beggar asked the king and the other beggar asked the God. Once there was a very wealthy king. He used to visit a temple daily. So, he often sees two beggars outside the temple. One of the beggars requests God that […]

Two Silly Goats Story of fighting

Two Silly Goats Story

Here’s a Two Silly Goats Story where the two goats met at a narrow bridge and started fighting. As a result they fell and drowned. Once there was a small village near the town. The village was filled with people and animals. Two silly goats lived in the village. Both the goats were equal and […]

Hare and Tortoise in a race Story Moral

Hare and Tortoise Story Moral

Here’s a Hare and Tortoise Story Moral where the hare who was so proud that he could win the race but what God decided let’s see. Once in a forest lived animals. They were united and they all were friends. There lived a speedy hare who was very proud about how fast he could run. […]

Ant and Grasshopper Story Moral

Ant and Grasshopper Story Moral

Here’s an ant and grasshopper story moral where the ant was working hard to store the food for winter while the grasshopper was resting. One beautiful summer day in the forest a lazy grasshopper was sitting and enjoying the sun. He used to take rest and enjoy the sun every day. Then a hardworking ant […]