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How to Face Fear a boy sitting alone near window
Zen Story

How to Face Fear

Here’s a How to Face Fear Inspiring story where the boy who was coward overcome his fear and now he is a brave man and thanked Zen. Once there was a boy who lived in a village. He was scared of everything and would run away which scared him. It was getting difficult for him […]

Best Story on Honesty painted boat
Life Story

Best Story on Honesty

Here’s a Best Story on Honesty where the painter first fix the whole of the boat and then painted the boat, landlord gave him reward too. Once there was a man who lived in a village named Aslam. He was an honest man but since he was poor he paint houses to earn his living. […]

How To Be Happy As A Teenager image of a train
Life Story

How To Be Happy As A Teenager

Here’s a How To Be Happy As A Teenager Inspiring story where the teenager boy looks to an old man who was looking like him tired and fatigue. Once there was a boy who was returning from his work. He was a young boy who joined the work just a few months before. The boy […]

children taking education as Honesty is The Best Policy
Life Story

Honesty is The Best Policy

Here’s a Honesty is The Best Policy Moral story where Rohit who was honest scored 7 out of ten and the one who cheated got 9 out of ten. Once in a classroom, three friends studied in the same class. The day came when they had to go through the class tests. It was a […]

brother and sister inspire us about Importance Of Time

Importance Of Time

Here’s a Importance Of Time story where a brother and sister depicts importance of time as sister does work on time and brother don’t. Once a brother and a sister were studying in the same school. The girl named Vani was elder and the boy named Sam was younger. One day Vani was completing her […]

Treasure Story ancient wisdom of an owl

Treasure Story

Here’s a Treasure Story where the owl with his wisdom told the boy, the lion, an eagle and a camel that the real treasure is togetherness. Once a boy living in a village found a treasure map in his home. He was very excited about the hunt and exclaimed that let’s find treasure and had […]

garden of hard work to Achieve your Goals
Life Story

Work Hard to Achieve your Goals

Here’s a Work Hard to Achieve your Goals story where gardener who work at the garden one day became the owner of the garden by working hard. Once in a village, there lived a gardener named Maniram. He used to earn his living by selling fish from going door to door during the daytime. And […]

Never Lie Story father and son walking by the streets

Never Lie Story

Here’s a Never Lie Story where the boy jack started lying and one day he realizes that lying can also take someone’s life so he stop lying. Once there was a boy named jack. He learned from his friends that lying is the easiest way to out of any situation. So he become fond of […]

The strong and tall Tree Story

The Tree Story

Here’s The Tree Story who was proud and strong but one day when a huge storm arrived the strong and proud tree was seen lying on the ground. Once there was a proud teak tree in the forest that just stood beside a small herb. The tree was tall and strong. The teak tree said […]

Sharpness of Mind
Akbar & Birbal

Sharpness of Mind

Here’s a Sharpness of Mind Inspiring Story where Birbal freed the servant who was innocent by using his sharpness of mind and it’s an inspiration. Once Birbal was unwell so he was sleeping on his bed. As soon as he woke up he called his special servants who were responsible to take care of the […]