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Magical Pot filled with golden coins Story
Zen Story

Magical Pot Story

Here’s a Magical Pot Story where the greedy man saw the magical pot and wished to get a pot bigger than his neighbor. what he get’s let’s see Once there lived a wise man in a village. He has a magical pot. He used to get whatever he wished from the pot. If he put […]

Never Give Up in Life

Never Give Up in Life

Here’s a Never Give Up in Life where the rabbit who want to give their life learned a life lesson that they are in a good condition than many Once there was a herd of rabbits in the forest. Some wild dogs saw and attacked them. All rabbits were running to save their lives. Somehow […]

Potato Egg and Coffee Bean boiling Story
Father and Son Stories

Potato Egg and Coffee Bean Story

Here’s a Potato Egg and Coffee Bean Story where the father understand his sons problems who was crying and teaches him a life lesson. Once there was a boy named Mahesh. He lived with his parents in a beautiful home. One day his father finds him crying and asked him if everything is right. Mahesh […]

Two friends making their friendship forever

Friends Forever

Here’s a Friends Forever short story where two friends who started arguing turns into an angry fight but when the problem washes away the friendship remains the same. Once two friends lived in a city. They decided to go to the beach. They enjoyed on the beach and one of them decided to make a […]

Thief trying to unlock the vault but due to awareness is the key he failed
Zen Story

Awareness is The Key

Here’s Awareness is The Key Inspiring story where the unawareness is the root of all the mistakes and awareness is the key to all. Once there a thief went to the saint. The saint was very famous in the city. The thief met the saint and told, “Whatever you will tell me I will do […]

Three Butterflies in garden Story

Three Butterflies Story

Here’s a Three Butterflies Story where one of them was red, one was yellow and the other was white, they together come in and leave together. Once three butterflies were playing in the garden. One was red, one was yellow and the third was white. Every day they used to dance and play together and […]

Palace of a king depicts Heart And Mind
Zen Story

Heart And Mind

Here’s a Heart And Mind Inspiring story where the prince thought that the wise saint has some power but what he saw was a simple man. Once a king was ruling an empire. He has a vast kingdom and near his palace lived a saint. He lives alone and he was very famous in the […]

How minds change we see with sinking boat
Life Story

How Minds Change

Here’s a How Minds Change Inspiring Story where the merchant who promised to give fisherman his property but gave only Rs 5 let’s see. Once there was a merchant who came to his village. After returning after years to his village he thought of visiting the temple. The temple was at the other end of […]

Banyan Tree Story

Banyan Tree Story

Here’s a Banyan Tree Story where the banana tree didn’t help the sparrow nor did the guava tree but the banyan tree helped let’s see. Once a sparrow was flying happily in the sky. She was singing melodies and having fun. Suddenly a hunter hit her with a stone. The hunter ran behind the sparrow […]

stairs at the hill which shows the Power of Faith
Zen Story

Power of Faith

Here’s a Power of Faith where the saint told his disciple to sit at the base of the hill and filter the people who has strong faith. Once there was an old saint who sat on the hilltop. One has to climb the hill of thousand steps to meet him. He had deployed one of […]