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Education of APJ Abdul Kalam design of a fighter jet
A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Education of APJ Abdul Kalam

Here’s Education of APJ Abdul Kalam story of the college where he tested by putting under stress and as a result he flared up. As a young boy Abdul Kalam and his friends walked back home from school at Rameswaram. On the way he and his friends rested at the bank of the village ponds. […]

The Poor Man Story who was sleeping on the bench
Life Story

The Poor Man Story

Here’s The Poor Man Story who sleeps in the bench of a park where he was dreaming that he will someday sleep in the luxury hotel. Once there was a very poor man. He sits near the park and earns his living by begging. And when the day ends he sleeps on the bench which […]

Helping Others story of a cobbler

Helping Others

Here’s a Helping Others Inspiring story where the boy who was sick and weak and want to earn rather begging how God helped him let’s see. Once a man was passing by the streets busy with his work over the phone. He saw a small boy come to him and asked him to polish the […]

Never Tell A Lie red nail paint

Never Tell A Lie

Here’s a Never Tell A Lie Inspiring Story where the boy told a lie to his mother and she decided to teach him a lesson. let’s read the story. Once there was a boy named tofu. His mother took out her favorite nail paint and put it on the table. The nail paint was red. […]

Stolen Watch Story
Student Teacher Stories

Stolen Watch Story

Here’s a Stolen Watch Story where teacher told to wore black cloth so that thief will not caught in public and this changed the boy’s life. Once there was a teacher who was about to start his class. Half an hour passed one of the students stood up and told the teacher that his watch […]

Lion And Rabbit Story

Lion And Rabbit Story

Here’s a Lion And Rabbit Story where the clever rabbit fooled the foolish lion and proves that intelligence is superior than strength. Once upon a time there lived a lion in a forest. He used to kill the animals of the forest to satiate his hunger(bhuk mitana). The animals of the forest were living in […]

Never Stop Trying elephant tied with rope

Never Stop Trying

Here’s a Never Stop Trying Inspiring Story where elephant was tied with a weak rope as he accepts defeat after trying and never tried again. Once a man was passing by. He saw a huge elephant tied with a thin rope. He wondered how it is possible. As there was no chain or any cage […]

Believe In Yourself village rain
Life Story

Believe In Yourself

Here’s a Believe In Yourself Inspiring Story where the old man believed in himself and start dancing until it starts to rain. Once there was a village that earn their living by farming. An old man lived in the village who was famous for calling rain by dancing. Whenever the old man dances the clouds […]

Brother Sister Bond war declared in a state
Father and Son Stories

Brother Sister Bond

Here’s a Brother Sister Bond Short Inspiring Story where the sister who lost her brother learned the very important lesson of her life. Once there was a war declared in the state. Half of the country was destroyed in the war. The soldiers enter the land and arrest all the civilians. Within the people of […]