Greedy Dog Story where dog got a big juicy bone

Greedy Dog Story

Here’s a Greedy Dog Story where a dog with his greediness lost the food which was his and that day he slept with empty stomach.

Once upon a time, there lived a greedy dog.

He used to go here and there for food and water.

He lived in a small doghouse and whenever he feels hungry he used to go in search of food.

His house was beside a lake where he used to get water to drink and food to eat.

One day when he was searching for food he crossed the bridge and went to another side in search of food.

After searching for long he found a big juicy bone which was enough for him for a day.

He hold the bone tight into his mouth so that no one could take that bone from him.

When he wanted to eat he thought that his friends will see him eating then they will come and then he has to share with everyone.

So he thought of taking that big juicy bone to his house and eating it with a relaxed mind.

He hold the bone tight in his mouth and was crossing the bridge.

When he was crossing the bridge he saw a dog who was carrying a big bone like him that was his reflection.

He thought of taking that big bone also with him.

As he opened his mouth to bark at the other dog the big juicy bone fell into the lake and after that, he knew that there was no dog.

The dog whom he saw in the lake was his reflection and due to his greedy thought.

That day he didn’t eat anything because of the greedy thought in his mind.


Greed in the end fails even the greedy fails. Greedy eaters dig their graves with their own teeth.


We see in life how people are greedy behind money but they don’t know that one day they will fall into their own dig which they are digging with their greediness.

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