The Seven Wonders Story

Here’s The Seven Wonders Story Moral is a nine year old girl story who came from village and taught a lesson about the wonders of the world

Anna was a 9 year old girl who lived in a village.

She passed the 4th grade from the school which is situated in her village.

Now she has to go to town and take admission in 5th standard so she could continue her studies.

Anna was very excited to go to a new school in town.

When the bus came she was ready to sit inside the bus.

The bus reached the school.

Every student was entering the school in joy.

Anna who was unknown asked the direction and went to her class.

When she entered the class everyone was seeing her as she was a new student.

Everyone was looking at her as she was wearing a simple cloth.

Other students saw her cloth and started making fun of her.

Then the teacher arrives and quiets the whole class.

Then the teacher introduced anna to the whole class and told them that she would be studying in your class from now on.

The teacher told the students to be ready for the surprise test.

She told everyone to write down the seven wonders of the world.

Everyone started writing the answer quickly.

But anna was writing her answer slowly.

When everyone in the class submitted the paper except anna, the teacher came and asked anna, “What happened dear, nothing to worry about as I taught them before so they wrote the answer but whatever you know write it.”

Anna told the teacher there are so many things so I was picking only the seven.

Then she handed the paper to the teacher.

The teacher starts reading the answer paper as everyone has written the correct answer.

When the turn come to anna’s paper everyone was curious to know what anna has written.

Anna wrote the seven wonders of the world are to be able to see, to be able to speak, to be able to feel, to laugh, to think and to be kind!


What the girl wrote are the real wonders of the world that God has given us.


We see in life how the wonders are made by man but the worders which God gave us, we don’t use them or are unaware of them.

A girl from a village taught the lesson what God gave us are the real wonders of the world.

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