Hard Work Leads To Success where Jim won the race

Hard Work Leads To Success

Here’s a Hard Work Leads To Success Story where Tim loses the race with talent and Jim wins the race with Hard Work.

The sports day was approaching in the school.

Everyone was ready for the race.

A boy named Tim who was the best runner in his school always wins the race.

As the sports day was approaching, he was not practicing because he has confident of winning again.

His mother said, “You have to work hard to win the race and you are doing nothing and became lazy.”

Tim confidently replied, “No one is there in my class who would defeat me, so relax”

In the same class a boy named Jim was practicing for the sports day.

Jim was a hard-working boy who was practicing day and night.

The day came when the crowd gathered at the stadium and everyone was cheering for their favorites.

The coach blew the whistle and everyone started to reach the finish line.

Jim and Tim left every racer behind, and the competition was between the two.

The two were running side by side but suddenly Tim took the lead.

Everyone was cheering for Tim as he was ahead and when they both got closer to the finish line Jim took speed and cross the finish line first.

Jim surprised everyone with his brilliant performance.

He took the trophy and the mother of Tim congratulated Jim for his hard work.

Jim smiled and said thanks.

Tim’s head was down in shame.

His mother turned to him and said, “Talent is nothing without hard work. Jim put all his strength and work hard that is why he’s been rewarded. Hard work is the only way to success!”

Now Tim understands the importance of hard work.


Successful people are not talented, they just work hard and succeed on purpose.


We see in life how people want success in just minutes without doing anything but they failed and blame things and God.

If they work hard with consistency then they will get success.

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