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Lion and The Fox Story where the baby fox is with lion's family

Lion and The Fox Story

Once there was a lion who lived in a jungle. The lion lived with his wife and two children. They had a happy family. One day the lion left the cave and went to hunt so that his family could eat. When he was searching for food he saw a baby fox in the bushes. […]

Why Water is Important let's see the rain over the village

Why Water is Important

Here’s Why Water is Important story where villagers who planted trees to save in the rainy season and dig a pit to collect rain water. Once there was a green village which was surrounded by forests and jungle. The villagers were very proud that they did not have any kind of shortage of natural things. […]

the disciple holding the magical mirror

The Magical Mirror

Here’s The Magical Mirror story where the disciple knew that everyone has demerits but when he saw his own demerits he was shocked. Once there’s a gurukul situated near a village. One of the disciples had completed the study and was about to leave the Gurukul. The master of that gurukul impressed with the disciple […]

Smart Work to sharpen the axe which is used to cut the trees

Smart Work

Here’s a smart work moral story where the man who didn’t sharpen the axe continue to cut the trees which was less in number from previous. Once there was a man who lived in a village. He wants to work hard and earn money to become successful. He went to town searching for a job. […]

Consistency is The Key tortoise who won the race

Consistency is The Key

Here’s a Consistency is The Key Moral Story where the tortoise who consistently practiced to do the best end up winning the race. Once there was a tortoise named Tod who lived in a forest. Tod has a dream of winning the great forest race. In this race, all the animals of the forest participate […]

Elephant and Ant where the ants are playing

Elephant and Ant

Here’s a Elephant and Ant Inspiring story where the elephant who was proud but when the ant entered his trunk he apologized. Once there was an arrogant elephant lived in a forest. He was very proud of his strength. He would destroy the nests of the bird and uproot the entire tree. And often thrash […]

How to Know Yourself from the peacock story

How to Know Yourself

Here’s a How to Know Yourself Inspiring story where the crow who thought to be most beautiful spend his entire life in the cage. Once there was a crow that lived in a forest. He used to live happily. One day when he was flying in the sky he saw a beautiful bird. He went […]

Two Silly Goats Story of fighting

Two Silly Goats Story

Here’s a Two Silly Goats Story where the two goats met at a narrow bridge and started fighting. As a result they fell and drowned. Once there was a small village near the town. The village was filled with people and animals. Two silly goats lived in the village. Both the goats were equal and […]

The Fox and The Grapes Moral story of a vineyard

The Fox and The Grapes Moral

Here’s The Fox and The Grapes Moral Story where the fox tried many times but failed to reach the grapes and escaped by making excuses. Once there was a furry fox that lived in a jungle. He loved to eat food. One day he was wandering around the forest in search of food. He rubbed […]