Ant and Grasshopper Story Moral

Ant and Grasshopper Story Moral

Here’s an ant and grasshopper story moral where the ant was working hard to store the food for winter while the grasshopper was resting.

One beautiful summer day in the forest a lazy grasshopper was sitting and enjoying the sun.

He used to take rest and enjoy the sun every day.

Then a hardworking ant was passing by.

The ant was alone carrying the food on his back.

He was taking the food to the anthill.

The grasshopper jumped in front of the ant and said, “Why don’t you come and chat with me? Why working so hard instead you can rest and enjoy nature?”

The ant replied, “I am saving food for the winter season.”

The ant suggested, “I think you should do the same. What will you eat when the weather gets cold?”

The grasshopper laughed and said you are always in such a hurry, why do you always work and worry.

Why bother about the winter now said the grasshopper.

He continued and said we have got plenty of food at present.

After listening to the grasshopper the ant left without paying attention to the grasshopper’s words.

The ant continued to work hard and stored enough food for the winter.

The winter comes sooner than expected.

The grasshopper didn’t find anything to eat and couldn’t find any place to stay.

He went to the ant’s house and begged him for food and shelter.

The ant said I can’t help you as I only have food for my family and don’t have space in the anthill.

The grasshopper went and said to himself if I should have listened to the ant then I don’t have to wander.


There’s a time for work and there’s a time for play. So, if you play when it’s time to work then be ready to face the consequences.


We see in life how people don’t understand and when the time comes then they have to face the consequences.

So work hard today to get ready for tomorrow.

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