Life Story

This is a story about information. It is a story about the access and research of information. The information flows, the ways of knowing that take in. Although, a story from a particular position, with a particular set of intersecting identities and it is a Life story about crossing boundaries and crossing borders. It is a Life story about classification of information and what add up to as valid evidence. It is also a story about values. And our change in values over time. Hence, It is the story of many. I am a man of color in the academy and I process my research from public scholarship view of information and communication technologies.

Best Story on Honesty painted boat
Life Story

Best Story on Honesty

Here’s a Best Story on Honesty where the painter first fix the whole of the boat and then painted the boat, landlord gave him reward too. Once there was a man who lived in a village named Aslam. He was an honest man but since he was poor he paint houses to earn his living. […]

How To Be Happy As A Teenager image of a train
Life Story

How To Be Happy As A Teenager

Here’s a How To Be Happy As A Teenager Inspiring story where the teenager boy looks to an old man who was looking like him tired and fatigue. Once there was a boy who was returning from his work. He was a young boy who joined the work just a few months before. The boy […]

children taking education as Honesty is The Best Policy
Life Story

Honesty is The Best Policy

Here’s a Honesty is The Best Policy Moral story where Rohit who was honest scored 7 out of ten and the one who cheated got 9 out of ten. Once in a classroom, three friends studied in the same class. The day came when they had to go through the class tests. It was a […]

garden of hard work to Achieve your Goals
Life Story

Work Hard to Achieve your Goals

Here’s a Work Hard to Achieve your Goals story where gardener who work at the garden one day became the owner of the garden by working hard. Once in a village, there lived a gardener named Maniram. He used to earn his living by selling fish from going door to door during the daytime. And […]

The Poor Man Story who was sleeping on the bench
Life Story

The Poor Man Story

Here’s The Poor Man Story who sleeps in the bench of a park where he was dreaming that he will someday sleep in the luxury hotel. Once there was a very poor man. He sits near the park and earns his living by begging. And when the day ends he sleeps on the bench which […]

Believe In Yourself village rain
Life Story

Believe In Yourself

Here’s a Believe In Yourself Inspiring Story where the old man believed in himself and start dancing until it starts to rain. Once there was a village that earn their living by farming. An old man lived in the village who was famous for calling rain by dancing. Whenever the old man dances the clouds […]

Focus on Solutions Not Problems shepherd with flock of sheep
Life Story

Focus on Solutions Not Problems

Here’s a Focus on Solutions Not Problems where the rich man started blaming his destiny and the shepherd took out solution to his problem. Once there was a very rich man passing by a forest. He was very excited because he was going to his village after years. After some time his vehicle stop on […]

How To Be Intelligent pebbles on ground
Life Story

How To Be Intelligent

Here’s a How To Be Intelligent Inspiring Story where the daughter with her clever mind came out of the tough situation cleverly. Once there was a businessman who faced a major loss in his business. So he took a loan from another businessman. But as days passed by he couldn’t able to return the money […]

Charity Story of chapatis
Life Story

Charity Story

Here’s a Charity Story where the rich man spirit of giving was not high so he provide the poor with the rotten flour. let’s see next. Once there was the richest person in the town. He started a free food service for poor people. The spirit of charity was less in him as he wanted […]