Life Story

This is a story about information. It is a story about the access and research of information. The information flows, the ways of knowing that take in. Although, a story from a particular position, with a particular set of intersecting identities and it is a Life story about crossing boundaries and crossing borders. It is a Life story about classification of information and what add up to as valid evidence. It is also a story about values. And our change in values over time. Hence, It is the story of many. I am a man of color in the academy and I process my research from public scholarship view of information and communication technologies.

Believe In God where a rich man stuck in the island
Life Story

Believe In God

Here’s a Believe In God inspiring story where rich man who believed in God and he gets the blessing as he was saved from the island. Once there was a rich man who lived in a city. He was a believer of God and always thank God for giving him such a beautiful and prosperous […]

Secret of Success old wise man walking in the park
Life Story

Secret of Success

Here’s a Secret of Success Inspiring Story where the man named Jack come to know the secret of success is to focus on progress not perfection. Once there’s a man named Jack. Jack was an average guy but not too talented. He was worried about his future. He had big dreams he wanted to be […]

Give Your Best a life lesson of a carpenter
Life Story

Give Your Best

Here’s a Give Your Best Inspiring story where the carpenter who work carelessly and it was his last house to built, became the owner. Once there was an old carpenter who lived with his family in a rented house. The carpenter has many years of experience and created the most beautiful house in the city. […]

How minds change we see with sinking boat
Life Story

How Minds Change

Here’s a How Minds Change Inspiring Story where the merchant who promised to give fisherman his property but gave only Rs 5 let’s see. Once there was a merchant who came to his village. After returning after years to his village he thought of visiting the temple. The temple was at the other end of […]

A tree in the garden denotes Doing Good To Others
Life Story

Doing Good To Others

Here’s a Doing Good To Others Story where the selfish man did good to others and the life span of him increases as the leaves got dense Once there was a man who lived in a village who was very selfish. He used to do his work with the help of others and don’t pay […]

a bird flying over the sea making the past to forget
Life Story

Forget The Past

Here’s a Forget The Past Inspiring story where the free bird carried the memories of the past and at the end died leaving behind stones. Once there was a bird who was free to fly. She could float to the sky, catching pray for her lunch. She could dive in the summer lakes to catch […]

Short Story of a honest man riding on a bicycle
Life Story

Short Story on Honesty

Here’s a Short Story on Honesty where one of the salesman was greedy and the other one was honest and he won the reward for honesty. Once there were two salesmen in a town. Both sell pots, pans, and hand-made trinkets. They divided the town between them. As they agreed that one has gone through […]

How to Think Positive, surgery in hospital
Life Story

How to Think Positive

Here’s a How to Think Positive Motivational Story where tom looks every situation has two choices either this or that so choose wisely. Once a man named tom who was a hotel manager. So tom was always in a good mood has something positive to say. If someone would ask him how he was doing? […]

How to Motivate Someone and a man was driving a car
Life Story

How to Motivate Someone

Here’s a How to Motivate Someone Inspiring Story where man who was blind pulled car out of the ditch himself. How did he do this let’s see. Once there was a man who was on a road trip. He was driving the car and crossing a village. When he wanted to see the direction from […]

Best Story on Honesty painted boat
Life Story

Best Story on Honesty

Here’s a Best Story on Honesty where the painter first fix the whole of the boat and then painted the boat, landlord gave him reward too. Once there was a man who lived in a village named Aslam. He was an honest man but since he was poor he paint houses to earn his living. […]