Power Of Words conversation between Akbar and Astrologers

Power Of Words

Here’s a Power Of Words Inspiring Story where Birbal with his wisely words change the state of mind of Akbar and won rewards.

Once there was a king named Akbar who ruled for many years.

He was leading a very great life as his people love him as a ruler.

One day when he was sleeping, he saw in his dream that he lost all his teeth except one.

Akbar was awake and was thinking about the dream.

He didn’t sleep the whole night and when the sun rises he ordered his servants to call the best astrologers of his kingdom.

In the court when Akbar told about his dream the astrologers said, “My Lord, this dream is an indication that all your relatives will die one by one before him.”

Akbar got angry after listening to the astrologer but also was sad.

Then Akbar asked another astrologer but the answer was the same.

Akbar said all the astrologers to leave his court without any reward.

Some days passed when Birbal returned to the court he saw Akbar sad.

Birbal asked Akbar, “What happened my lord why are you sad?”

Akbar told Birbal about his dream and the astrologer’s interpretation.

Birbal thought for a while and said to Akbar, “No need to worry my lord You will live longer than your relatives.”

After listening to Birbal, Akbar was happy and rewarded Birbal with lots of gold coins.

Birbal conveyed the message in an intelligent manner as the answer was the same but the way of telling is different.


Words are free it’s how you use them. Choose the words wisely so that you may uplift someone but never put them down. Words are so powerful that one may change the state of mind.


We see in life how we make people sad with the words but we don’t realize the pain of others.

But if we choose the words wisely then the listener will feel good and give blessings to us.

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