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Smart Work to sharpen the axe which is used to cut the trees

Smart Work

Here’s a smart work moral story where the man who didn’t sharpen the axe continue to cut the trees which was less in number from previous. Once there was a man who lived in a village. He wants to work hard and earn money to become successful. He went to town searching for a job. […]

The Fox And The Cat story of a jungle

The Fox And The Cat

Once there was a cat and a fox that lived in a jungle. They both were best friends and meet every day. Fox considered himself very clever so he never misses any chance to humiliate the cat. Whenever the talk started between them the fox talk about cleverness and humiliate the cat. But the cat […]

How To Be Intelligent pebbles on ground
Life Story

How To Be Intelligent

Here’s a How To Be Intelligent Inspiring Story where the daughter with her clever mind came out of the tough situation cleverly. Once there was a businessman who faced a major loss in his business. So he took a loan from another businessman. But as days passed by he couldn’t able to return the money […]

How To Avoid Anger story of an empty boat
Zen Story

How To Avoid Anger

Once there was a child in a gurukul. In the gurukul, there was a rule to meditate daily. After meditating, one has to tell his progress to the master. A new boy finds it very difficult to meditate. He was not able to focus while meditating so he becomes very angry. Then his master asks […]

Truth Of Life saint begging for food
Zen Story

Truth Of Life

Here’s a Truth Of Life Inspiring story where we know the real truth of life that is our faith and the honesty is the rain and wisdom is plough. Once there was a very rich farmer who invited all the people of his village for lunch. The guest arrived and all started to eat the […]

Master And Disciple stayed a night at a house

Master And Disciple

Once there was a master and a disciple. They were crossing a village and the sun sets. So the disciple said the master to take some rest. The master agreed to the disciple as it was dawn. They knocked on the nearby door and asked if they would allow them to stay for a night. […]

The Deer Story of drinking water from river

The Deer Story

Here’s The Deer Story where the deer got into problem from all sides but how god helped him to overcome the problems let’s see. Once there was a deer in a forest searching for water. The deer was very thirsty but he couldn’t find the water. After searching for a long the deer sat under […]

Karma Story monk meditation
Zen Story

Karma Story

Here’s a Karma Story where good deeds of the young monk result in the increase of the life expectancy. So do good deeds and live life happily. Once two monks lived deep inside the forest. One was the old monk and the other was a young monk. The old monk was a believer in Buddhist […]

Story Of Fate baron castle
Life Story

Story Of Fate

Here’s a Story Of Fate where the baron want’s to change his sons fate but got failed to do it. let’s see what happened in the story. Once there lived a baron(rank of nobility & title) in the north country. When his son was four years old so he decided to see his son’s fate. […]

Vegetable Seller

Vegetable Seller

Here’s a Vegetable Seller Story where the vegetable seller got less money for the vegetable but on the other hand got helped by the woman. Once a young boy watched his mother buying vegetables from a lady vegetable seller. She used to come every day to his house and the boy’s mother every day purchased […]