cactus and the proud rose story

The Proud Rose Story

Here’s the proud rose story where the rose does not understand the value of the cactus as it judged by its outward appearance. Let’s see what happens next.

Once in the forest, there was a beautiful rose plant.

When it blossomed it found that the plants and trees nearby admired its beauty.

One of the trees said, “I wish I could be as beautiful as a rose plant“.

Proud Rose listened and said that I knew I am the most beautiful flower in the forest.

One flower replied that you should not be so proud, there are other flowers in the forest.

One day when a rose saw a cactus it said, “How ugly that plant is, full of thorns”.

One flower listened and replied, “Why do you say this, you also have thorns”.

Rose got angry and replied to the flower, “You can’t compare me to this ugly cactus because I’m so cute and cactus is so bad”.

With each passing day, the rose means something that insults the cactus but on the other hand, the cactus does not respond to the rose.

Cactus can only say that, “God does not make any kind of life without reason”.

As the days passed the climate changed and the forest became increasingly dehydrated and life was difficult for all.

The Rose plant began to wither.

One day the rose plant saw the birds come to the cactus and fly away refreshed.

The Rose plant did not understand what was happening.

The tree explained to the rose plant that the birds intake the water that comes from the cactus plant.

Rose asked, “Isn’t it dangerous to whole a cactus and drink water from inside”?

The tree replied, “They do it but the cactus does not want the bird to be harmed”.

Rose after listening to the response felt embarrassed as she constantly said things that insulted the cactus.


Everyone in nature is created for a reason and does not judge by his appearance.


We see in life, with pride we often tell people about their bad side without knowing it.

We should never look down on anyone because we do not know what their purpose is.

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