Money Story where Birbal has to spend three hundred coins

Money Story

Here’s a Money Story of Akbar and Birbal where Birbal took out solution of spending money so that Akbar will get back in other world.

Many years back in the reign of Akbar, Birbal was also known to all.

Many ministers in Akbar’s court were jealous of Birbal.

One of them was Akbar’s brother-in-law who suggested Akbar to remove Birbal and appoint him at his place.

Birbal come to know so he resigned before Akbar could decide.

Akbar’s brother-in-law became the minister in Akbar’s court.

Akbar decide to test his new minister so he gave him three hundred coins and said, “You have to spend these coins in such a way so that I get a hundred coins in this life, another hundred after-life in other world and left hundred neither in this life not other.”

The new minister was confused about what to do.

Many days passed but he didn’t get the solution.

The new minister’s wife saw his husband hopeless and advised him to meet Birbal and ask him for the solution.

So at last he went to Birbal for help. Birbal said, “Hand over me the coins and I will handle the rest.”

Birbal took the coins and went out to search solution.

Then Birbal saw a rich merchant was celebrating his son’s wedding.

He went and bowed down to the rich merchant and gave him hundred coins and said, “Emperor Akbar said his good wishes and blessings to for the wedding of your son. Please accept the gift from the Emperor.”

The rich merchant received the gift and felt honored to receive the gift from the Emperor.

So he rewarded Birbal with precious gifts for the Emperor.

He took hundred coins from it and went to the place where the poor lived.

He handed over the clothes and food in the name of the Emperor.

And the remaining hundred coins he organized a dance party and a concert at night.

The next day when the new minister was questioned then he told to Birbal for the solution.

Birbal said in the court, “I gave hundred coins in the rich merchant’s wedding where you got back hundred coins in this earth. Next, I distributed clothes and food which you will get in the other world. With the remaining coins, I spent on party and concerts which you will neither get in this world nor other.”

Akbar’s new minister understood his mistake and resigned to give Birbal back his place.


Money spent on charity will help us in this world or the other world. And the money spent on our loved ones will one day return but the money spent on music and concerts will neither return in this world nor the other.


We must learn from Birbal which will help us in our lives.

So be smart so that no one would dare to take your position.

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