Greedy Man Story a thick forest with a path

Greedy Man Story

Here’s a Greedy Man Story where a greedy man due to his greediness taste death because greedy mind becomes foolish and a step towards death.

Once there was a tiger who lived in a forest.

The thick forest lies between the two villagers.

One day a rich merchant was passing by the thick forest.

The tiger hide behind the buses and when he saw the merchant the tiger attacked him.

The merchant died at once in fear.

The tiger had his flesh and after eating he saw a golden bangle in the merchant’s hand.

He took the bangle with him to his den.

Many years passed by and the tiger become so weak.

He doesn’t have the power to go hunt and eat animals or human beings.

Then he thought of having a golden bangle.

After seeing the golden bangle an idea came to his mind that human beings love to have gold so why not hunt human beings with the help of the golden bangle.

Tiger took the golden bangle put it on the path and hide behind the bushes.

After waiting for hours tiger didn’t see any passer-by.

After some time a clever man of his village was passing by.

He saw the shaking of the bushes that something is wrong.

Then he saw the golden bangle which was there in the path.

As soon as the tiger saw the man he came out of the bush and asked the man to calm down.

The man was shocked to see the tiger in front of him. the tiger told the man not to get panic because he will not eat him.

The man then calm down and stood there to hear the tiger.

Tiger told the man to come and take the gold bangle because he is frail and weak so he couldn’t hurt the human being.

The man saw the golden bangle and then the tiger, he thought for a while.

Then his greedy mind saw the golden bangle and he started heading towards the golden bangle.

As he reached near the golden bangle the tiger pounced on him and tear the man into halves.


Greed makes one blind, foolish and makes an easy pray for death.


We see in life how people lost their lives in greed of obtaining some precious things.

We must never become greedy about obtaining something rather get it with your hard work.

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