Elephant Story who was alone in the jungle

Elephant Story

Here’s an Elephant Story he was alone in forest so wanted to make friends. Everyone denied his friendship but at the end they become friends.

Once there was an Elephant who was alone in the jungle.

One day when he was walking through the jungle he saw a monkey.

He asked, “Will you be my friend?”

The monkey replied, “You are so big and not flexible as I am who jumps one tree to another so I cannot be your friend.”

After listening to this he continued to walk till he met a rabbit.

He asked the rabbit, “Will you be my friend?”

The rabbit said, “you are too big to fit into my burrow so I will not become your friend”

Elephant continue to search for a friend then he met frog and asked, “Will you become my friend?”

The frog replied, “so are so fat to jump from one place to another so you cannot be my friend sorry”

Elephant continued his search for his friend.

Then he encountered with giraffe and started thinking that he might accept my friendship because he is not a small animal.

He went near the giraffe and asked, “Will you become my friend?”

Giraffe replied, “You are so big and cannot eat leaves of the trees like me so I cannot accept your friendship”

After listening to the same reply from everyone he decided not to stop and ask each and every animal for friendship.

When he continued to search for his friend he saw every animal was running in fear.

The Elephant stopped a bear and asked why are you in fear?

Bear replied lion has attacked the small animals so they are running in fear.

Elephant after knowing went to the lion and said why are you attacking the small animals of the forest.

The lion replied this is none of your business.

The Elephant stopped the lion by kicking with his leg.

The lion went away and when everyone came to know the bravery of the elephant then all became friends with the elephant.


Sometimes size matters and who will come for help at times only God knows.


We see in life how people ignore the person who has some disabilities do not talk with them.

But they forget that if God has given them the disability then God must have put some special thing into them.

So respect every human being and live your life with love.

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