The Lion and The Jackal Story with the hungry jackal

The Lion and The Jackal Story

Here’s The Lion and The Jackal Story where you how how quick thinking save The Jackal from The Lion and how it helps in real life.

Once there was a jackal who was very hungry.

In search of food, he found a mountain and decided to go there and search for food.

The jackal was so hungry that he can’t wait and entered the mountain.

Searching for food he encountered the lion.

After seeing the lion the jackal thought that he will eat me then what to do.

He started crying as loud as he can.

The lion saw the jackal was crying so loudly so he went to know the reason behind it.

When the lion asked the jackal why he was crying, the jackal replied pointing his finger to the rock, we are in danger the rock of the mountain will fall and we all will be dead.

The lion saw the rock which was high at the top of the mountain and got scared.

He asked the jackal how can we save ourselves.

Jackal told the lion if only that boulder will be bought and put and we will be saved behind the boulder.

He continued that boulder is very heavy and I am not so strong to lift that boulder.

The lion with pride replied I will lift it and bought the boulder.

Lion after bringing the boulder asked the jackal, “what next?”

Jackal replied you wait here with the boulder and I will bring some bamboo to hold the boulder and went to the jungle.

The jackal was happy as he was saved from the lion.

The lion was waiting but the jackal didn’t return.

His quick thinking saved his life.


Quick thinking will save you from any situation in life.


We see in life how people don’t think and quit but they don’t know that every problem has a solution so stop giving up and start thinking smart.

The brain has to be sharp then only one must be saved from the difficult situation.

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