Consistency is The Key tortoise who won the race

Consistency is The Key

Here’s a Consistency is The Key Moral Story where the tortoise who consistently practiced to do the best end up winning the race.

Once there was a tortoise named Tod who lived in a forest.

Tod has a dream of winning the great forest race.

In this race, all the animals of the forest participate and compete with each other.

The competition was known for its challenges and obstacles.

So, every animal was excited to participate in this race.

Tod was not the fastest creature in the forest but he was assured to give his best.

He knew that he can’t completely rely on his speed so he has to start practicing with consistency.

He started training every day following a routine that included swimming, climbing, etc.

The other animals in the forest noticed Tod and started laughing.

The deer and the cheetah started making fun of Tod but he didn’t stop practicing.

On the day of the great forest race, the animals from far gathered to witness the competition.

The crowd cheered as the race began.

The deer and the cheetah quickly took the lead.

Tod with his slow and steady pace left behind.

As the race continued the deer got tired unable to maintain his speed and the cheetah who was confident in his abilities slipped off from the branch.

Meanwhile, tod continued his race with his steady pace.

Tod trained himself to overcome the challenges of the race.

In the final run, Tod crossed the finish line first, surprising everyone.

The forest break-out in cheers and applause.

The deer and the cheetah who underestimated Tod realized the power it held.


Persistence may lead you to the doors but consistency is the key that unlocks it.


We see in life how people are not consistent in their life.

They start work and soon left it because of some difficulties.

So, the above story is a reminder to all of us that no matter how slow we progress as long as we stay consistent and dedicated, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve our goals.

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