life race

Life is a Race

It is an old wise man’s story which proves the real meaning of the race of life. let’s see, Everything in life is not only Success.

Once upon a time there was a young boy who was hungry for success.

For him winning the race was everything.

One day a little boy was preparing to run a race in his village with two other young boys to compete.

So, a large crowd gathered to watch the game, and the wise old man, hearing about the young boy, had gone a long way to witness.

The young man with all his strength, determination, and confidence took the winning line and became the first.

Thus, the crowd cheered and waved to the boy.

The wise man sitting in the crowd kept quiet and could not be heard.

Then little boy felt proud.

The second called race came up with two new equal challenges to run with the little boy.

The race started again and for sure, the little boy passed and finished for the line again.

The crowd cheered and waved to the boy.

The wise man was silent and calm, and he did not express his feelings.

The little boy was proud and important. “Another race” pleaded the young boy, the wise old man moved forward and handed the young man two young opponents, a weak old woman, and a blind man.

What is this? Ask the young boy if this is the case.

Race” means a wise man.

The race started and the boy finished only the other two opponents who remained standing in the first line.

The little boy raised his happy arm but the crowd fell silent, showing indifference to the little boy.

Why did people not participate in my success?

Asks to the wise old man.

“Repeat relay,” replied the wise old man.

This time he thought to end with both of you.

Then stood between a blind man and a weak old woman, and took the two opponents by the hand.

The race started and the boy walked slowly, kept running slowly to the finish line and fell.

The crowd proudly cheered and waved at the boy.

Little boy felt proud and important.

Then little boy asked the wise old man who the crowd was enjoying.

Which of the three of us?

Wise man replied that he had won the greatest race of all time, and in this race the crowds were delighted, and not just anyone who won!


Not only we win the race but we must also first see who our competitors are. If they are weak then help them.


We see in the race for life how we run for success and only the values ​​in our life win?

So the big question is who was running alongside you, in this race?

If they were weak or helpless they could have helped them cross the line.

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