Banyan Tree Story

Banyan Tree Story

Here’s a Banyan Tree Story where the banana tree didn’t help the sparrow nor did the guava tree but the banyan tree helped let’s see.

Once a sparrow was flying happily in the sky.

She was singing melodies and having fun.

Suddenly a hunter hit her with a stone.

The hunter ran behind the sparrow to fall but he failed to catch the sparrow.

One of the sparrow’s wings broke but Somehow the sparrow tried to fly up into the sky.

But she understood that she would not be able to fly anymore.

She said to herself, “None of my family members are here nor friends. How will I get back home with this broken wing ?”

So she decided to stay in one of those trees for that day.

She first approached the banana tree.

She asked the banana tree, “Can I stay at your branches for a day?”

The banana tree replied, “shoo go away”

She then fly to the next tree which was a guava tree.

The guava tree said, “You silly bird I won’t give you space.”

Before asking the sparrow the guava tree started shouting.

The poor bird was totally heartbroken.

She said to herself, “No one wants me I don’t have any friends.”

As she starting continue to fly she heard a voice.

The voice said, “Come to me”

It was the banyan tree.

The banyan tree said to the sparrow, “Hey little sparrow I can be your friend, I have a lot of room in my branches. So you can comfortably stay there.”

The sparrow said, “That’s so kind of you banyan tree I would love to stay with you.”


Good begets good.


We see in life how people do bad to others and one day someone bad does to them.

So this is the law if one does good to others then good will be done to them.

So, start spreading love and do good to each and every one who needs help.

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