The Fox And The Cat story of a jungle

The Fox And The Cat

Once there was a cat and a fox that lived in a jungle.

They both were best friends and meet every day.

Fox considered himself very clever so he never misses any chance to humiliate the cat.

Whenever the talk started between them the fox talk about cleverness and humiliate the cat.

But the cat didn’t tell anything to the fox because he thought the fox to be his good friend.

One day after lunch they were resting under a tree.

The fox thought to humiliate the cat again and started a conversation.

The fox asked the cat, “What if a predator animal attack us now what would you do?”

The cat said, “I know a single move and I will be saved by the move.”

The fox smiled at the cat and said you know only a single move but I know a thousand moves to save myself.

What if I tell you two or three?

The cat said no because I know a single move and by that move, I saved myself many times.

So I only know a single move and it’s effective.

The fax said yes if you learn more moves then it will take you time so it’s better not to learn and apply only a single move everywhere.

The cat felt bad and the fox started to laugh.

Suddenly a hunter dog entered the jungle and without stopping tore the animals into pieces.

They both saw the hunter dog coming towards them.

The cat knew a single move and saved himself.

The fox knew a thousand moves but he was confused about which one to use.

At that time the hunter dog holds the fox into its mouth and tears him into pieces.


So only a single goal is enough rather than having many.


We see in life how people are confused as they have many goals in their life.

So having a single goal is enough because you can concentrate on a single goal rather than many goals.

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