Never Lie Story father and son walking by the streets

Never Lie Story

Here’s a Never Lie Story where the boy jack started lying and one day he realizes that lying can also take someone’s life so he stop lying.

Once there was a boy named jack.

He learned from his friends that lying is the easiest way to out of any situation.

So he become fond of lying and enjoyed telling small lies.

As the day passed he started telling lies to his elder ones.

Then one day his parents caught him lying.

His parents sat with jack and make him understand that lying is bad but he always say that lies never harm anyone.

So his parents understood that he will not be going to listen like this.

So his father decided to teach him a lesson.

One evening jack with his father was walking down the street.

Then suddenly they saw a car hit a shop which was on the main road.

They all ran to see and save the ones who were inside.

So somehow both the people were taken to the hospital.

Jack’s father asked a man how did it happen?

The man said, “the boy was driving the car and he lied to his father that he could see without spectacles.”

So both were taken to the hospital but his father was seriously hurt.

Jack’s father turned to him and said, “Now you realize how a lie can hurt someone so bad.”

Jack promised his father that from now onwards he will not lie to anyone.


Lying is a bad thing and sometimes so bad that it may take someone’s life.


We see in life how people don’t think and speak.

After that, they realize I have told something which I don’t know about.

So first think and then speak.

Sometimes it might hurt or even can take someone’s life.

So think before you speak and remember to never tell anyone a lie.

If we are lying then someday our son and daughter will also lie.

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