Dishonest Milkman Story crossing the river to city

Dishonest Milkman Story

Here’s a Dishonest Milkman Story where the milkman mixes water with milk and earn a good amount of profit. But why was he crying let’s see

Once there was a milkman who lived in a village.

Day by day the demand for milk was increasing.

His customers were fixed in the city.

In the morning he took the milk in the can and leave the village.

Then he has to cross the river to reach the city.

After the can gets empty then he returns to his village.

When he crossed the river with his milk then he mixed the river water with the milk.

Doing this he makes a very good profit by giving less amount of milk and earning profit.

This way he used to sell his milk and earn his living.

One day when his son’s marriage was fixed after selling the milk when he was returning to his village.

He thought of purchasing some expensive items for the wedding.

After he was done with his shopping when he was returning to his village.

He sat on the boat with all his belongings.

The Weight of the goods was more than the boat would carry so after going some distance somewhere at the middle of the river.

The boat was misbalanced and the boat overturned.

The milkman somehow saved himself and got to the other side of the shore.

Then he started crying because all his expensive belongings sank into the river.

Then the river asked the milkman why are you crying?

The milkman replied, my belongings sank into the river which I was carrying.

The river replied what you have lost you earned by selling milk by cheating.

You mix water into milk and what you earned you gave to the river.

It is a lesson of your dishonesty.


Always be honest to your work, Dishonesty always costs.


We see in life how people earn by dishonesty and earn profit.

But they don’t see that one day they have to pay for their dishonesty.

They don’t fear their God, if they fear God then no one gonna dare to do anything wrong.

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