Unconditional Love of a Mother Story

Unconditional Love of a Mother Story

Here’s an Unconditional Love of a Mother Story where the mother who only has an eye didn’t feel bad but his son’s behavior was intolerable.

Once there was a child who lived with her mother.

The kid used to hate her mother because she only had a single eye.

She used to cook so that she could earn some money and pay her son’s school fees.

One day the mother went to his kid’s school for parent’s teacher meeting.

The kid feels so embarrassed that he ran out of the class.

One of the kids said, “Eeu, your mother has only one eye.”

The kid ran home, and when his mother reached home, he started shouting and saying, “Why you are like this, people make fun of me, so why won’t you die?”

After listening to this, she didn’t say anything.

The child studied hard, and he got a job abroad.

There he got married and had kids with all the comforts of life.

One day his mother came to meet him.

This was the first time when she was going to meet his son and her grandchildren.

As she rang the bell and stood by the door, her grandchildren opened the door and started laughing.

They didn’t know who she was.

The man came and started screaming at her mother, “How can you come to my house and how dare you scare my children, go away.”

She replied, “Oh, I am sorry I knocked on the wrong door.”

One day the boy got a letter from his college about a reunion.

He was very excited and attended the reunion.

After that, he went to the old shack where he used to live with his mother.

One of the neighbors told him that she died and gave him a letter for his son.

He opened the letter, “My dearest son, I think of you all the time, and I am really sorry that I came to your house and scared your children. And I am really sorry for constantly embarrassing you, but I want you to know one thing. When you were a kid, you met with an accident and lost an eye. As your mother, I couldn’t see you growing up with a single eye, so I gave you mine. Take care, my dear love.”


A mother’s love can never end, and it will be there from the beginning till the end.


We see in life how children, when they grew up, didn’t respect their parents and often they used to tell the parents to leave the house and to get lost from their lives.

The mother is like a garden, and the father is like a mountain.

If you understand the importance of a parent’s love, then you will forget the importance of goods and wealth.

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