Haste Makes Waste hunter story

Haste Makes Waste

Here’s a Haste Makes Waste Moral Story where the hunter thought that the hound killed his son so his haste kills a hound who was innocent.

Once there was a hunter who lived near the forest.

The hunter was very good at hunting the animals for food.

The hunter has a beautiful hound.

The hound always went hunting with the hunter.

The hound was an incredibly good friend of the hunter’s only son.

His son loves to play with the faithful dog. The hunter also loved the hound for its friendship with his son.

The hunter’s son was ten years old.

The hunter’s house only has his son and the hound.

One day he went hunting and he forgot to take the hound with him. his son was asleep in his bed.

As the hunter reached the edge of the forest, he thought that he forgot to bring the hound with him.

Then he thought of hunting without the hound and he continued to hunt.

But after some time he feels lonely so he thought to go back and bring his hound with him.

So, the hunter decided to go back and bring his hound with him.

When the hunter came home he was afraid as he saw the hound all blood-stained standing at the gate.

The hunter thought that the hound had killed his son.

As there was no one in the house except his son and the hound.

The hunter took out his gun and pointed toward the hound.

He took the shot and the hound was killed.

He quickly walked into the house and saw blood here and there.

Just then he saw his son coming out of his room.

The boy told his father that a wolf came into the house and was about to kill him but the hound pounced on the wolf and tore it into pieces.

As soon as the hunter listened he sat down and started crying.


God made time but human beings made haste.


We see in life how people take wrong decisions in haste and then regret.

So wait for a minute take your time and think.

So that you cannot take the wrong decision out of haste.

God made time for us to think and act.

Always remember that hurrying will always result in a poor ending.

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