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the disciple holding the magical mirror

The Magical Mirror

Here’s The Magical Mirror story where the disciple knew that everyone has demerits but when he saw his own demerits he was shocked. Once there’s a gurukul situated near a village. One of the disciples had completed the study and was about to leave the Gurukul. The master of that gurukul impressed with the disciple […]

Power of Practice, little girl's fire dance

Power of Practice

Here’s a Power of Practice where a girl who dreamt of becoming a fire dancer first fails and then practices with determination and succeed. Once there was a little girl who lived in a forest. She heard from her grandparents that there’s a fire dance held at their times. So thought of becoming a fire […]

Consistency is The Key tortoise who won the race

Consistency is The Key

Here’s a Consistency is The Key Moral Story where the tortoise who consistently practiced to do the best end up winning the race. Once there was a tortoise named Tod who lived in a forest. Tod has a dream of winning the great forest race. In this race, all the animals of the forest participate […]

Unconditional Love of a Mother Story

Unconditional Love of a Mother Story

Here’s an Unconditional Love of a Mother Story where the mother who only has an eye didn’t feel bad but his son’s behavior was intolerable. Once there was a child who lived with her mother. The kid used to hate her mother because she only had a single eye. She used to cook so that […]

How to Stay Positive when the house got collapsed

How to Stay Positive

Here, How to Stay Positive Inspiring story where the man who was poor and hardly built his own house and the earthquake destroyed it. Once there was a poor man who could hardly save his money. He has a wife and two children. Whenever he gets a salary, it gets spent on rent, food, and […]

How to Achieve Your Dreams story of a painting
Life Story

How to Achieve Your Dreams

Here’s a How to Achieve Your Dreams inspiring story where the little girl from a village dreams and the day came when everyone knew her. Once upon a time there lived a girl in a small village. The villagers knew for her kind-hearted. Growing up in a humble family, she thought of growing up and […]

Elephant and Ant where the ants are playing

Elephant and Ant

Here’s a Elephant and Ant Inspiring story where the elephant who was proud but when the ant entered his trunk he apologized. Once there was an arrogant elephant lived in a forest. He was very proud of his strength. He would destroy the nests of the bird and uproot the entire tree. And often thrash […]

How to Become a Topper in a class
A.P.J Abdul Kalam

How to Become a Topper

Here’s How to Become a Topper an Inspiring story of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam who scored full marks and become a topper of his class. After the second world war was just over and the country was waiting for independence. All the people of our country were happy and cheering for our freedom fighters. Even […]

Sage Wisdom inspiring story

Sage Wisdom

Here’s a Sage Wisdom Inspiring Story where the sage was famous for telling fortunes but when the king got angry the sage used his wisdom. Once there was a famous sage who lived in a village. He was famous for telling fortunes and everyone in the village knew about him and the accuracy of his […]

Believe In God where a rich man stuck in the island
Life Story

Believe In God

Here’s a Believe In God inspiring story where rich man who believed in God and he gets the blessing as he was saved from the island. Once there was a rich man who lived in a city. He was a believer of God and always thank God for giving him such a beautiful and prosperous […]