Short Christmas Story where the Jesus Christ was born

Short Christmas Story

Here’s a Short Christmas Story where an angel was sent on earth named Gabriel to Mary who give birth to Jesus Christ.

Long ago a place named Nazareth there lived a woman named Mary.

She was a very kind and hard-working woman.

She was engaged to marry a man named joseph.

Joseph also a very good-hearted man.

One day God sent an angel to Mary, named Gabriel.

The angel told marry that God is sending a messenger to earth in the form of a savior.

The soul would be born as marry’s son and will be named Jesus.

She was worried that how it is possible because she was not married.

The angel assured her that it will be a miracle from God.

The angel also told her that her sister Elizabeth who had no children would also give birth to a baby.

Mary accepted God’s will and went to meet her cousin Elizabeth.

At Elizabeth’s house, she spent more than three months and in return she was pregnant.

Joseph’s worried if he married to marry or not.

The night when he slept the angel came to Joseph and urged him to marry joseph.

Joseph woke up and the next day he proposed to her.

After the marriage, joseph and married went to Bethlehem, the place where Joseph’s family came from.

The census was going on when they reached the city.

So much of the crowd gathered there and all the houses were full.

So they decided to stay in a shed where the food for animals kept.

At that place, marry gave birth to the son of God Jesus Christ.

The birth of Jesus made a sign of a bright star in the sky.

Holy men from different parts of the world understood the sign through seeing the star.

They bought gifts for the baby and his parents.

Since then the day, it celebrated as Christmas.

People go to church at midnight to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.


When God’s will then the Logic turns into Magic.


We must enjoy the birth of Jesus Christ because it marks the end of torture, suffering, and persecution.

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