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Magical Pot filled with golden coins Story
Zen Story

Magical Pot Story

Here’s a Magical Pot Story where the greedy man saw the magical pot and wished to get a pot bigger than his neighbor. what he get’s let’s see Once there lived a wise man in a village. He has a magical pot. He used to get whatever he wished from the pot. If he put […]

Value of Cleanliness in a classroom
Student Teacher Stories

Value of Cleanliness

Here’s a Value of Cleanliness Inspiring story where a boy who missed his prayer and was cleaning his class and the teacher was proud of him. Once there was a school in a town. A boy named Ashok was the class leader of the seven standards. Their teacher is very particular that everyone should attend […]

Lion And Rabbit Story

Lion And Rabbit Story

Here’s a Lion And Rabbit Story where the clever rabbit fooled the foolish lion and proves that intelligence is superior than strength. Once upon a time there lived a lion in a forest. He used to kill the animals of the forest to satiate his hunger(bhuk mitana). The animals of the forest were living in […]

The Camel Story at desert
Life Story

The Camel Story

Here’s The Camel Story who put his head inside as there was cold outside and after sometime came inside the tent and what happened next. Once there was an Arab who was passing by the desert with his camel. It was dawn so the Arab decided to rest and at sunrise, he will continue with […]

Dervish Story who was smiling

Dervish Story

Here’s a Dervish Story who was sitting between the crowds and smiling and the rich man saw him and what is the reason behind your happiness? Once a rich man lived in a town. He has two cars in which bodyguards were there to protect him. When he was passing by the local city market. […]

Cursed Doll Story who looks pretty

Cursed Doll Story

Here’s a Cursed Doll Story where the employee cautioned the girl of the cursed doll but they ignored it and took the doll to her home. Once there was a girl who has a collection of dolls. She likes to collect dolls which are small, big and beautiful. She has a vast collection of dolls […]

Two Headed Bird ate the poisonous tree

Two Headed Bird

Here’s a Two Headed Bird Story where two headed bird fight in ego and due to their ego the bird died. let’s see what happens. Once there was a bird with two heads. They have two heads but share the same stomach. They lived near the river on a tree. One day when they were […]

Greedy Dog Story where dog got a big juicy bone

Greedy Dog Story

Here’s a Greedy Dog Story where a dog with his greediness lost the food which was his and that day he slept with empty stomach. Once upon a time, there lived a greedy dog. He used to go here and there for food and water. He lived in a small doghouse and whenever he feels […]

Don't Give Up Story where a rope and well is there

Don’t Give Up Story

Here’s a Don’t Give Up Story where a boy was returning with giving up but when he saw well that a mark of rope was there on the strong stone. In ancient times people used to send their kids to gurukul to study. So one boy named Viru send to gurukul for study but he […]