stairs at the hill which shows the Power of Faith

Power of Faith

Here’s a Power of Faith where the saint told his disciple to sit at the base of the hill and filter the people who has strong faith.

Once there was an old saint who sat on the hilltop.

One has to climb the hill of thousand steps to meet him.

He had deployed one of his disciples at the foothill.

The disciple would stop everyone who wanted to go up to meet the saint.

The disciple would ask the people why are you going up he is not a good man, he doesn’t know anything and he is the biggest fool.

Abusing his master, he would stop people at the base of the hill.

After hearing from the disciple, the people who wanted to meet the old saint stayed there at the base of the hill and didn’t go up.

He tells to everyone that I have been his disciple for 20 years and I didn’t get anything.

So why going up and wasting your time?

The disciple’s job was to wash the mind of the people who wish to go to uphill.

A gentleman who once met the saint uphill and asked who is your disciple who is there at the base of the hill washing the minds of the people?

Not to meet you, why wasting time meeting the old man and abusing you?

The saint smiled and said, “I gave him that work. I asked him to sit there so that the one who does not listen to him can only come uphill to meet me. I am filtering the people at the base of the hill.”

The gentleman was confused and the saint continued and said, “The person whose faith doesn’t shake on hearing someone’s word only they will come to me. The work he is doing needs a lot of courage and stronger. So one’s faith is important and it needs to be strong too.”


Faith gives us inner strength, a sense of balance, and perspective in life.


We see in life how people who are believing in their faiths are declining.

Because they see that money is the most powerful faith so achieving it is their most important goal.

So keep your faith strong because it is the only powerful element in our body.

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