Bad Habits Moral Story about sapling, plant and trees

Bad Habits Moral Story

Here’s a Bad Habits Moral Story where the boy understood and agreed to pull his bad habit out when it will be in the stage of sapling.

Once there was a rich businessman who lived with his 8years old son.

He loved his son but worried about his son’s bad habits.

Worried about his son’s behavior he went to the wise master.

The business went inside the house of the wise master.

The businessman told him that his son is a very good boy but he has picked some bad habits so I worry about him all the time.

The wise master told the businessman to bring your son tomorrow morning.

The man did what the wise master said. He brought his boy to him.

The wise master told the boy let’s go for a walk.

The boy obeyed and they went for a walk in the garden.

As they walked they came across a little sapling.

The wise man said to the boy, son pull out the sapling for me.

The boy did as the wise man said and pull out the sapling.

Then he told to pull out the small plant for me.

The boy did as the wise master told him to do.

Next, the master asked him to pull out a bush.

The boy took some effort and he pulled out the bush.

Now the wise man told to pull out the small tree.

The boy went near the tree and tried hard to pull it and got succeeded.

The wise master told the boy, “Finally look at the big old tree now pull that out.”

The boy tried very hard but the tree didn’t come out.

Finally tired the boy gave up.

The boy came to the wise master and said, “I am sorry master the tree didn’t come out it is old and strong.”

The wise master told the boy, “The bad habits are just like the plants and trees when they are new like the sapling you can get rid of them quickly and easily. But if you let them stay and grow they will grow strong and become like the old tree that cannot be removed.”


Change in bad habits leads to change in life.


We see in life how people follow their bad habits and at last, they had to face shame and humiliation.

So to avoid it change the bad habit when it’s a sapling.

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