Painting Story of mountains

Painting Story

Here’s a Painting Story where the boy named Yogesh was paining to please his master but when he painted to please him what happened lets see.

Once a boy named Yogesh studied at an art school under the guidance of his master.

Master taught Yogesh to paint, mix colors, and give shades.

Yogesh was a quick learner so his master was proud of his student.

Once a competition was announced by the painters, artists were asked to send their paintings.

Master asked Yogesh, “You are interested in painting for the competition?”

Yogesh replied, “Yes sir.”

His master asked, “What would you draw for the competition.”

Yogesh replied, “A mountain.”

Master asked, “Why mountain?”

Yogesh replied, “As our school is at the foot of the mountain.”

Both master and Yogesh went out and sat at some distance from the mountain.

Yogesh set up everything and started painting.

After some time master looked at Yogesh’s painting and told him to pay attention to the proportion of the scenery.

Yogesh did as he was told.

Then his master asked, “do you think is this the better shade.”

Yogesh then changed the shade.

Later master suggested many more changes and the changes may go on.

Yogesh didn’t lose patience and went on to do his best in the painting.

Master told Yogesh to continue to paint as he has some work to do and he will return soon.

Yogesh nodded and continue to work on the painting.

Master was back and Yogesh completed his work of painting.

When the master saw the painting he was surprised and said, “This is the best painting you ever made.”

Master continued and said this is different from when you started to paint and I corrected you many times.

Yogesh smiled and said, “In the morning when I was painting and you were correcting me, the painting was to please you but when you left me alone then I painted to please me.”


Learn from your master and when the time came to test it do what your mind tells you.


We see in life how people destroy their life by what people were saying.

But in the end, they regret that all his life was wasted because he didn’t do what he was meant to.

So stop listening to others gain knowledge and test it by hearing your inner voice.

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