How Can I Be Happy let's learn from the wise tree

How Can I Be Happy

Here’s a How Can I Be Happy Inspiring story where the little squirrel has lost his way and was depressed. how his heart got enlightened?

Once there was a tree standing in between the forest.

Its branches reached heaven and its leaves whispers melodies to those who rests under his shade.

The forest creature from tiny insects to big animals often take its shade.

One day in the forest, a little squirrel was very sad as he has lost his way and the cloud gathered around along with the storm.

As the little squirrel got defeated he took a rest under the wise tree.

The little squirrel saw a light covering the tree but he didn’t react as he was sad.

So the wise tree said to the squirrel, “Why are you so sad?”

The little squirrel said I lost my way and clouds and winds are approaching.

How will I reach my house as I can’t see the sunlight?

The tree replied wisely to the squirrel that the light is inside not outside.

And talking about the storms after some time it will blow away.

And again the sunlight will shine.

So never feel depressed or defeated because when God gave you sadness then he is the one who will give you happiness.

So don’t find the worst in situations like this rather find the path which leads to happiness.

The little squirrel after listening to the wise tree got hope.

After the storm got away the sunlight again shines.

The squirrel was saved by the wise tree and when the sunlight came out the squirrel’s heart was filled with joy and now he find a way full of happiness.

The wise tree again proved himself that he is the wise one standing in the middle of the forest shining.


The one who thinks of difficulties as challenges never falls into depression.


We see in life how people get into depression and then they need to eat medicines but they too don’t work.

So, always remember that those people who God loves, give them problems so that they come out of it and get close to God.

As God gives us as many problems as you bear and come out of it.

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