Little Christmas Tree Story outside the house

Little Christmas Tree Story

Here’s a Little Christmas Tree Story where a Christmas tree feels Embarrassed about his height but how he got decorated let’s see.

Once there was a small fir tree in the forest.

He was sad because everywhere in the forest there were tall fir trees but he was short.

One day a rabbit came and jumped on and over to the fir tree and left.

He felt embarrassed about his height.

One day a group of women came and started laughing seeing the small fir tree.

They cracked jokes by saying have you seen such a small fir tree in your life.

Everywoman replied with a big no. again the fir tree feels embarrassed.

Then one day a shipbuilder came near the small fir tree and ordered their men to cut the tall fir tree so that they could make the strongest ship.

The little fir tree was sad that he could not use the making of the ship.

Some days later the tall trees cut.

The birds living on the trees were talking that the tree was cut and they take to their houses for decoration.

On listening to this the little fir tree wants decorated too.

After some time a man came with his son to the forest in search of the tree and found the little fir tree.

They cut the tree and took him home to decorate.

The little fir tree was happy because it has been decorated with lights, gifts, toys, baskets of candy, etc.

The family member sat down and listen to the old man of the family about Jesus Christ.

The little fir tree thought that the fun would begin the next morning but he was wrong.

The next day inside the storeroom.

Then a gang of little mice came and they started listening to the story from the little fir tree.

But they feel bored and left.

Then the little fir tree felt lonely but the next day he was out of the storehouse and he thought that he would be thrown into the dump yard.

But the was wrong the family plant the tree near their house so that the next Christmas they would cut the tree and again plant.

He was very happy with the family.


Do not lose hope nor be sad.


We see in life how people feel they lost but there is some other way to get out of it.

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