World is A Mirror Story a dead dog

World is A Mirror Story

Here’s World is A Mirror Story where our feelings, emotions and actions acts as a mirror if we do bad to others something bad happens to us.

Once there was a museum situated in India.

The museum contains many rooms and different rooms depicting different eras.

At the back side of the museum, there was a small hall.

The hall was made up of mirrors.

The walls, roofs, and floors made up of mirrors.

One day the caretaker of the museum forgot to lock the back door of the museum which directly lead to the mirror room.

A dog was roaming near the museum and by mistake entered the room.

When the dog was in the middle of the room he saw his reflection and thought that a group of dogs surrounded him from all sides.

Seeing this the dog got scared and started to bark.

The dog could see all the reflections barking at him back and due to the mirror his eco got back to him.

So he was confused and didn’t know what to do.

He got frightened and started to bark again and again.

The next morning when the caretaker entered the museum he saw that the back door was open.

So he rushed to every room to see if something stolen or not.

After searching all the rooms the caretaker feels relief that nothing was stolen.

At last, when he checked the mirror room he saw the dead body of the dog in the middle of the room.

He examined the dog.

And came to the conclusion that there was no harm to the dog but he died fighting his own reflection.


In this world, our feelings, thought and action are all mirrors to us. if we are positive then everything that happens to us will be positive.


We see in life how people think negatively, if something good happens to them they will point out the negative side of it.

But if there is a positive person then he will point out the positive in every negative situation.

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