Clever Fish story of a fisherman

Clever Fish

Here’s a Clever Fish Inspiring Story where the fish with his cleverness save his life from the fisherman and it’s a lesson for all of us.

Once there was a fisherman who used to go to the bank of the river to catch fish.

Then he sells the fish in the market and earns his living.

One day when he went to the river bank and put his net inside the river and went.

When he was away he thought that today he needs to catch many fishes so that he could sell them in the market and earn lots of money.

When he heard the noise of the net he thought that many fishes were caught in the net.

So he ran to the river bank and took out the net.

He saw that it was a small fish.

He felt sat and when he was about to take the fish out of the net the fish spoke to the fisherman.

The fish said to the fisherman, “Please leave me do not put me out of the water I will die.”

The fisherman didn’t give any attention and was about to take the fish out of the net.

Then again the fish said to the fisherman, “Please fisherman leave me and you will earn profit tomorrow.”

The fisherman listened and got shocked.

He asked the fish how will you profit me?

The fish said, “If you will leave me today then I will gather all my friends and will bring them to you.”

After listening to this the fisherman thought for a while.

He thought that today I will leave a single fish and then tomorrow he will bring all his friends to me.

So the fisherman released the tiny fish and went happily to his home.

The fish swam into the water and due to his cleverness, he save his life.


You have to be clever so that you can save yourself from challenging situations.


We see in life how people fall into problems and never come out of them.

If you won from your ego then no battle is difficult to win.

So battle your problems with your mind and your challenging situation must lose.

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