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Mango Tree Story of a dispute between two brothers
Akbar & Birbal

Mango Tree Story

Here’s a Mango Tree Story where the two brothers who were telling that the mango tree belongs to him at last Birbal found the real owner. Once there were two friends who went to the Great Akbar’s court. They bought a dispute regarding the ownership of a big mango tree near their homes. Both claimed […]

How to Stay Focused on Your Goals, diamond mine

How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

Here’s How to Stay Focused on Your Goals story where the boy who dared to cross the pond and achieve the goal ignoring the distractions. Once there was a village in India. In the village, there was a mysterious pond after the forest. On the other side of the pond, there was a mine of […]

Zen Story

How To Overcome Laziness

Here’s How to Overcome Laziness Inspiring story where the young boy climbed the forest and brought a beautiful feather which was unique. Once there was a young boy who lived in a village. The boy was very famous in the village because of his laziness and slackness. He used to sit under a tree and […]

Habit inspiring story of a potter who tied the donkey with a rope
Life Story


Here’s a Habit Inspiring Story where the potter whose habit was to tie the donkey’s but one day he didn’t tied it and what happened let’s see. Once upon a time, there was a potter who lived in a village. He had many donkeys. He used all his donkeys to bring soil every day from […]

Smart Work to sharpen the axe which is used to cut the trees

Smart Work

Here’s a smart work moral story where the man who didn’t sharpen the axe continue to cut the trees which was less in number from previous. Once there was a man who lived in a village. He wants to work hard and earn money to become successful. He went to town searching for a job. […]

Two Silly Goats Story of fighting

Two Silly Goats Story

Here’s a Two Silly Goats Story where the two goats met at a narrow bridge and started fighting. As a result they fell and drowned. Once there was a small village near the town. The village was filled with people and animals. Two silly goats lived in the village. Both the goats were equal and […]

Hare and Tortoise in a race Story Moral

Hare and Tortoise Story Moral

Here’s a Hare and Tortoise Story Moral where the hare who was so proud that he could win the race but what God decided let’s see. Once in a forest lived animals. They were united and they all were friends. There lived a speedy hare who was very proud about how fast he could run. […]

Haste Makes Waste hunter story

Haste Makes Waste

Here’s a Haste Makes Waste Moral Story where the hunter thought that the hound killed his son so his haste kills a hound who was innocent. Once there was a hunter who lived near the forest. The hunter was very good at hunting the animals for food. The hunter has a beautiful hound. The hound […]

How minds change we see with sinking boat
Life Story

How Minds Change

Here’s a How Minds Change Inspiring Story where the merchant who promised to give fisherman his property but gave only Rs 5 let’s see. Once there was a merchant who came to his village. After returning after years to his village he thought of visiting the temple. The temple was at the other end of […]