Slingshot Story

Slingshot Story

Here’s a Slingshot Story of Sammy whose aim was never in the target but unknowingly he hit his grandma’s pet duck and the duck died.

Once there were brothers and sisters.

Their vacation was on so their parents decided to send them to their grandparents.

They reached their grandparent’s farm and both of them were excited.

The next day the boy Sammy took his slingshot and went into the woods.

He practiced very hard but none of his aims stuck the target.

Then the sound of grandma came, “Come children the food is ready.”

With discouragement, Sammy was returning to the farm.

He saw a pet duck was coming so in excitement he took the slingshot and aimed at the duck.

Unfortunately, his aim hit the duck’s head and the duck was dead.

It was his grandma’s pet.

He took the dead duck and hid it in the pile of woods.

Julie who was his younger sister saw him hiding the dead duck.

She decided not to confront him.

The next day grandma called Julie to help her wash the dishes. Julie said, “Sammy wants to help you wash the dishes.”

She looked at Sammy and whispered, “Remember the ducks?”

Sammy went to help her grandma but he was frightened that his sister knew about the duck.

Then the next day grandpa said to the children let’s go out fishing.

But grandma said, “Julie you have to stay at the home to help me clean the house.”

Julie said, “Grandma, Sammy doesn’t want to go outside so Sammy will help you out.”

Sammy agreed to what his sister said and Julie went with his grandpa outside fishing.

After a few days, Julie was taking advantage of Sammy so he decided to confess.

He stand In front of his grandma and said, By mistake, I killed your pet duck, so forgive me.”

Grandma smiled and said, “I knew it and I forgave you the same day. When this happen I was standing by the windows.”

The vacation ends and they both learned a lot from the trip.


It’s very hard to confess but it relaxes the soul and helps to overcome many problems in our life.


We see in life how people don’t confess if they have done wrong, rather they fight for it.

So, stop your fights and confess so that there will be peace everywhere.

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