Story of Balloon

Story of Balloon

Here’s a Story of Balloon where the employees learned the life lesson which is to solve the problem with the team work. let’s read the story.

A group of employees was working on a software company.

The company has a team of 30 employees.

They were young and energetic to achieve their goals.

So the management decided to teach the employee about finding the solution to the problems.

All the employees told to gather at the meeting hall for the meeting.

When the employees entered the hall they saw the meeting hall was decorated with stickers, pictures, and balloons.

The management entered the hall and the team leader announced to pick up a balloon and write their name on the balloon.

They all started to pick up the balloon but some could write their name on them and some balloons were blown up due to the pressure.

They all were given the second chance but some of the employees were not able to write their names on the balloon.

So they were disqualified.

So 20 employees successfully wrote their names on the balloon.

Then the team leader took all the balloons and split the balloons in a room.

The team leader then gave the qualified employees the next task.

He told to find the balloons with their name on them.

The one who finds the balloon with his/her own name will come out of the room.

So they all entered the room and started searching for the balloon with their names on it.

After 10min no one was able to find the balloon with their names.

Then the team leader told now the employee who got someone’s name on the balloon will hand it over to the same employee.

After listening to this within five minutes they came out of the room with their named balloons.

Then the team leader announced The real solution to any problem.


The best way to achieve your own success is to help somebody else get it first.


We see in life how people don’t help others in order to achieve their goals.

We have to understand that teamwork is a secret that makes common peoples achieve uncommon results.

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