Clever Thief Story an old man

Clever Thief Story

Here’s a Clever Thief Story where the thief gives excuses and then take away money from the old man. So stray safe and read the full story.

Once there was a thief passing by a garden.

He was thinking as he has used all the stolen money.

Now he was running out of money.

Suddenly he saw an old man standing near the garden and counting a bundle of notes.

The thief thought, for a week that money is enough for me.

The thief doesn’t know how to steal the money in a broad daylight.

He started thinking and an idea came to his mind.

He thought of fooling the old man and taking all his money.

The thief went to the old man and sat near him and started crying.

The old man was shocked why a stranger came near me and started crying.

The old man asked the stranger, “Why are you crying, son?”

The thief replied, “You stole my fruits from the orchids.”

The old man politely replied, “You have been mistaken my son”

The thief tells, “No no I have not mistaken as I have listened you were talking about the stealing of my fruits with your neighbor.”

The old man said, “This is not true as I have not lived in the house, I have shifted here recently and I don’t have neighbors.”

The thief looked at the old man annoyingly and said, “Then it might be your elder brother.”

The old man said, “What I don’t have any elder brother.”

By now the thief was very much annoyed and said, “I don’t know I want my fruits back as the one who stole my fruits looks like you.”

Then the thief stood up and snatched the money from the old man and ran away.


The bad people find excuses to do bad things.


We see in life how bad people find a way to do bad things and if we make them understand then they will start arguing and will never stop.

They will prove that what they are doing is right.

So be safe and have a good environment.

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