The Real Mother Story Moral of holding hands

The Real Mother Story Moral

Here’s The Real Mother Story Moral where the women who don’t bear her child’s pain loss the game and the other woman win.

Once in a village two women were fighting for a child.

The matter was taken to the village’s chief.

The chief asked the matter.

The first woman said, “when I was bathing this woman came and took my child and when I came to know I ran after her.”

Then the chief asked the second woman, “What do you have to say?”

The second woman said, “Chief, she is telling lie the child belongs to me and when I was bathing she came and lift my child up and started running. But I ran after her and catch her.”

After listening to both women the villagers confused about who is a lier and who is the real mother of this child.

The chief thought for a while and stood up from his position.

He took a chalk and drew a line in front of both the woman and put the child at the center.

Then he drew a circle in which he put the child and said, “Whoever pulls the child’s hand and crossed the line, the child belongs to her.”

After saying he told both the women to hold both the hands of the child.

When the chief said, they start pulling the hands of the child.

The first woman was furious to win as she was pulling the child’s hand so hard.

The other woman can’t see the child’s pain so she let go of the child’s hand and said, “I can’t do it let her have the child.”

The first woman won and lifted the crying child up and was happy with her victory.

But the chief said to stop, the game is not yet over.

The chief took the child from the first woman and gave it to the second woman.

The villagers were surprised because the first woman won so the child belongs to the first woman.

The chief explained, “Only a mother could have a loving heart for her child.

She couldn’t bear the pain of her child this is why she let the child go.”

The Real mother hugged the child and thanked the village chief.


Mother’s love is priceless.


We see in life how we hurt our mothers by talking in a high voice or telling them to shut.

This behavior is not tolerable.

When she will not be there with you then only you will understand the real value of a mother.

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