world's most peaceful painting where a man peacefully looks outside

World’s Most Peaceful Painting

Here is the story of the World’s Most Peaceful painting where the artist expresses peace. True inner peace. So let’s start the story.

One day a famous art gallery announced a competition around the world.

They have announced that World’s Peaceful Painting, and artist’s portrayal of peace in his painting, will receive a $ 10 million prize.

This has spread all over the world and thousands of artists have submitted their paintings to participate in the competition.

The judges for the competition end up in the top 100 drawings in the thousands.

They put on a display of those 100 paintings.

Although in the exhibition invited artists as well as the media were also present.

In the media, large crowd gathered to see who was the best artist and which artist would receive the total prize.

Finally, the day came when the judges had to decide who would choose the World’s Peaceful Painting.

Many people gathered to see it.

One was a vivid image of a clear river with mountains where snow and sun rise.

Another drawing was, in which the artist had shown the night of the full moon on the bridge.

He saw that the river was so quiet that the reflection of the moon and stars looked like a mirror.

Also with a white cloud, mountains and forests was a flowing river.

All the drawings were peaceful and the competition was very difficult because the drawings were better than the other.

Although it was very difficult for the judges to describe the most beautiful painting depicting peace.

That moment came when the judges decided which painting awarded the prize and placed it behind the curtain.

Earlier people were sitting with the media and they were all curious about which painting would be awarded the first prize.

The curtains were removed, and as soon as the people saw the painting, they were all shocked because the painting did not show peace.

Everyone thought that the judges had made a mistake in choosing this painting.

All paintings go to an art gallery that will complain about posting the wrong painting.

The owner of the art gallery responded by saying that the judges had not made a mistake and that painting was the winner.

All the artists after being listed in the owner’s response were full of anger and wanted the answer to that painting, how can that painting be a winner?

The owner of the art gallery replied that seeing the painting after the approach then you should see that it shows peace.

A painting depicting peace.

He said he saw a storm, destruction, dark clouds in the painting but did not see a house with a small window where a man smiled and saw the storm without worry.

This is true peace.


Peace does not mean that what is outside but what is inside.


Who does not have inner peace will not be happy in any situation.

But if you have peace from within, then you do not have to worry about what is outside.

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