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The strong and tall Tree Story

The Tree Story

Here’s The Tree Story who was proud and strong but one day when a huge storm arrived the strong and proud tree was seen lying on the ground. Once there was a proud teak tree in the forest that just stood beside a small herb. The tree was tall and strong. The teak tree said […]

World is A Mirror Story a dead dog

World is A Mirror Story

Here’s World is A Mirror Story where our feelings, emotions and actions acts as a mirror if we do bad to others something bad happens to us. Once there was a museum situated in India. The museum contains many rooms and different rooms depicting different eras. At the back side of the museum, there was […]

Reality Story a lion and cub

Reality Story

Here’s a Reality Story where the lion who was living with the sheep accept that he was sheep but he realizes that he was a lion. One day a lioness died by giving birth to a cub. At that time a herd of sheep was passing by. The lion cub joined them accidentally. The sheep […]

Bad Habits Moral Story about sapling, plant and trees

Bad Habits Moral Story

Here’s a Bad Habits Moral Story where the boy understood and agreed to pull his bad habit out when it will be in the stage of sapling. Once there was a rich businessman who lived with his 8years old son. He loved his son but worried about his son’s bad habits. Worried about his son’s […]

Fear Story of the waves

Fear Story

Here’s Fear Story where wave who fears looking at the shore thought of crashing but the big wave make him understand that you are a ocean. Once there was a little wave flowing along the ocean. He was enjoying the wind, the sun, the fresh air, and the sea just going fast and enjoying going […]

group of Monkeys Story

Monkey Story

Here’s a Monkey Story where the monkey don’t even know the reason behind the beating but they continue to practice for years. Once five monkeys kept in a room. In the room, there was a ladder and on the top of the ladder, bananas were hanging. As one of the monkeys saw the bananas He […]

The Deer Story of drinking water from river

The Deer Story

Here’s The Deer Story where the deer got into problem from all sides but how god helped him to overcome the problems let’s see. Once there was a deer in a forest searching for water. The deer was very thirsty but he couldn’t find the water. After searching for a long the deer sat under […]

Ant and Dove Story

Ant and Dove Story

Here’s an Ant and Dove Story where the dove helped the ant and then the dove got helped from the ant so karma returns so always help other. Once upon a time on a hot summer day, the ant was searching for water. In the forest, there was a river flowing. Somehow the ant went […]

Tiger And Donkey Story of grass

Tiger And Donkey Story

Here’s a Tiger And Donkey Story where the Lion’s decision was punishing the tiger but he was right because he knows the power of silence. Once there lived a tiger and a donkey in a jungle. They were living happily together with other animals. One day they both into an argument about the color of […]

Story of A Farmer Life storm on the farm

Story of A Farmer Life

Here’s a Story of A Farmer Life where the boy was hired for the help of the man and he said i will sleep when the wind blow. Once there was a farmer who bought land near the Atlantic ocean. The farm was so big that he could hardly complete his work. He decided to […]