Helping Others story of a cobbler

Helping Others

Here’s a Helping Others Inspiring story where the boy who was sick and weak and want to earn rather begging how God helped him let’s see.

Once a man was passing by the streets busy with his work over the phone.

He saw a small boy come to him and asked him to polish the shoes.

The man was talking so he rejected it.

Then he continued to talk on the phone.

After some time again the boy came and asked him to polish his shoes.

The man got angry but he saw that the boy was looking weak and sick.

So he allowed to polish his shoes and started telling him that polish the shoes so that they start shining.

The man added that I have seen many cobblers who take the money but don’t do the work properly.

The boy started polishing slowly and the man was getting angry.

The boy couldn’t polish the shoes because he was sick and weak.

The man thought that I have wasted the money so he was about to scold the boy and a second boy arrives.

He started polishing the shoes and after polishing the shoe was shining.

The man was happy with the second boy’s work. now he took out the money and was confused about whom to give.

The man gave the money to the second boy who worked well.

The boy took the money and gave it to the weak boy.

The man called the second boy and asked why did you give your money to him.

The boy said he fell from the running train and he was the only one who was earning in his family.

His mother is old and we advise him to take care but he has a passion for work and rejected begging.

We have a group of cobblers and our boss is a good man.

When the boy met with the accident he told all of us to help the boy in polishing the shoes.

So, from that day all the cobblers help him earn his living.

As soon as the man knew about him he called the boy and gave him some extra money.


A person’s most useful asset is a hand willing to help.


We see in life people don’t wait to help others but if we help others then God will help us.

A good person does not have a brain full of knowledge but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help.

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