Beauty In Imperfection garden in temple

Beauty In Imperfection

Here’s a Beauty In Imperfection Inspiring story where the priest leaned the lesson of his life that finding beauty in imperfection is good.

Once there was a very famous Zen temple.

The temple contains a very beautiful garden with trees, plants, and shrubs.

One of the priests loves gardening.

One day the master decided to give him the responsibility to take care of the garden.

The priest was very happy and he started to clean the garden the same day.

Every day the priest without fail cut the trees in the same shape, clean the garden with leaves and clean the soil.

Whenever the old Zen came to the garden he observes the priest working on the garden.

One day the priest got to know that someone special was coming to the temple.

So that day the priest took special care of the garden.

He cut the grasses, and the shrubs and clear the soil with leaves.

Then trim all the trees into the same shape.

Then he checks by himself whether the garden is looking good or not. In autumn he took great care of the garden due to the leaves.

He gathers all the leaves so that the garden looks neat and tidy.

After clearing all the leaves and cleaning the garden he asked the old monk, “Does this look beautiful?”

The old monk replied, “Yes it looks beautiful but one thing is missing.”

The priest asked, “What was it?”

The old monk walked across the garden and stood near a tree.

Then he hold a bark of the tree and shook the truck.

Some leaves from the tree fell on the ground.

The old monk then announced, “Now it’s looking beautiful.”

The old monk went then the priest understand the lesson of his life.


There is a kind of Beauty in Imperfection.


We see in life how people reject others after seeing the imperfection in someone.

But some people find beauty in imperfections and accept them because everything in this world is made by God for some reason.

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