The Sleepless King royal bed

The Sleepless King

Here’s The Sleepless King Story where the king can’t sleep but after working with servants and at the end he sleeps.

Once there was a king who was having dinner with the queen.

After having dinner the king and the queen were going to sleep.

The queen said Goodnight and went to sleep.

As the king lie to the bed he didn’t sleep.

He turned here and there but didn’t sleep.

The king was frustrated and stood out of the bed and went downstairs.

He saw a servant who was sitting with some ruby, diamonds, and jewelers.

The king went to him and told him about his sleeplessness.

The man suggested the king, work as I do and after the work when he feels tiredness then he will go to sleep.

The king took the cloth from the servant and started cleaning the treasure.

After cleaning the servant took the cloth and treasure and went to sleep but the king was not feeling sleepy.

Then the king thought if he would eat something then he will feel sleepy.

When he reached the kitchen he saw the cook was making dough.

The king said his story of sleeplessness and the cook said if you help me in making dough then it might make you sleepy.

When the king start making dough with flour the flour spread in the kitchen and nothing was visible.

The king went out in the garden to take some fresh air he saw the gardener was working hard.

The king went to him and cried, “I can’t sleep.”

The gardener gave the king scissors and told him to cut the grass so that the height of the grass must be the same.

It is a very tiresome job and it will make you feel sleepy.

The king took the scissor sat on the ground and started cutting the grass by measuring every inch of grass.

The queen was out of his bed and saw the king was sitting in the garden and cutting grasses.

The queen asked the king, “Are you all right?”

The king replied, “I can’t sleep.”

The queen took the king and gave him a glass of milk.

After drinking the milk when the queen was about to read a bedtime story the king fall asleep.


Even the sleep comes when you are tired so work hard no matter what’s your position in this world.


We see in life how rich people didn’t sleep in worry of their money or their desires.

If they work hard then they will feel sleepy because sleep can’t be bought.

We can buy the desired bed but not sleep.

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